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Name: DarkSoul12
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im a teen werewolf(Im not ACTUALLY a werewolf. its a type of style) yes and i do have a pack/family. I also like to classify my self a water nymph, as there worshiper. I'm kind and fond of nature, i feel I am one with it at times. NEVER SEND ME JUST A "Hi." I WONT REPLY. ----------------------------------------------- Ive been a pagan for a long time and i know a lot, more than you think. and i can teach people, but only for some that is. So you could say i am very wise for my age. ALSO my spirit animals is a wolf(my guide) and deer, shows in my picture. ------------------------------------------------------- Chakra: Root: under-active (-6%) Sacral: open (6%) Navel: under-active (-38%) Heart: active (12%) Throat: open (31%) Third Eye: open (31%) Crown: under-active (-12%) ---------------------------------------------------------- If you can say angels,spirits,gods and goddesses are real then mother earths dark children are real as well. The wolves of men,fangs of Innocents, and the howls of the blood suckers; They are real as you and i, and they are Mother earths dark children. Bless be.