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Name: Mondengel
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You can call me Mond or Moon

I'm not new to magick. I've studied for six years, from Hermetic magick to Shamanism. I've never picked a set path, but preferred to go with what called to me or interested.

I'm not an expert at anything, but I'm not completely ignorant about everything.

Now for some background on my belief. It's rather simple really:

There are humans. Humans have emotions, and thought. These two parts make up 2/3 of a whole. The third part is being that which is physcial; our bodies. These three parts dicatate the decisions we make based on how they have been molded by the life and world we have experienced or been shown. Magick and the study of it is a way to break the bonds of that which has been subconsciously imbedded into our psyche and spiritual body. Whether you place power into the deities that others do or not is simply a choice you make in determining the key to the lock. This does not mean that either way is wrong or right; it simply is.

On the subject of both wrong and right, my thoughts are as follows: We do what we feel and think is best for the situation at the time. The only way I define "wrong" is the intent to harm for the purpose of self indulgence. The only way I define "right" is the intent to help without any hidden agenda. Beyond that, it's all free game.

I'm very sturdy about keeping my oaths, and about other people keeping theirs. I love to help people that are genuine.

If you message me saying something stupid, worhtless, or wasteful of my time, I will either not reply at all or reply with something that will upset you (rather greatly so).

And that's about it.