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I live in New Jersey and my family is Catholic. I am too yet I secretly practice Wicca and prefer it. I am more of a healer and wish to join a coven because I have been a loner most of my life. I have been practicing for several months. I want to use my magic to heal others and so have healed several of my friends. The only people who know are my three friends Tiffany, Jessica, and Ariel. I have healed Tiffany and Ariel when they were in pain yet I am unable to heal Jessica. I wish to heal people and protect them via spells, however have only put protection spells over my baby sister and Tiffany. Zoe doesn't know yet I wish to tell her when she is older.
I know healing spells and learned about witchcraft via several of my friends. People may say they aren't real yet I know they are wrong. I also a Wicca believing in Diana, Peresphone, Seth, Hades, Demeter