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Name: unirelivent
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I am a strange person. For my age I am very wise. I'm very strong on my beliefs. I have given great advice and help to people who mail me. I like to laugh so anybody who isn't stone dead(metaphorically speaking) come talk to me. I love herbology, alchemy, spell casting, and advice. I don't have the concentration for meditating, but the dedication for spell casting. Element:? I believe there should be an extremist peice in chess. I hate humans in general. I am your averge person. I am your average psychotic person. I am a person. I am not a person of this world mentally. I am me. I am not afraid to die, but that doesn't mean I want to. Abandon me and I will hate you; Love me and I will cherish you. I enjoy pain. Even my own, but it takes a lot for me to even feel it so I prefer inflicting it. It creates a feeling like no other and very few ever enjoy this pleasure. I believe there are many views in this world but they are all based on the "Good and Evil" that has been shoved down our throats. You see "Billy" might think it's horrendous and evil to murder, and "Suzy" might think it's evil too but that's why she performs it. Suzy would seem like a terrible person but she is just a simpleton trying to rebel only seeing one facet of this world. She was just like most of you never learning and following the guidlines, but cracked from insanity to soon. She was weak, but she could be one of the top 50 serial killers in America. I am not like Suzy. I am me and I haven't cracked yet, intead I never was a cliche, stupid, insignificant little whore like the rest of my generation. I learned from my mistakes and others. I searched for answers and for a world better than our own, but like Suzy I had a horrible life. I didn't crack from the pain, instead I evolved from it and saw a new world. My chest is numb and I'm crazy and sadistic but you learn to live with it and accept it. Very few of us have reached this point in insanity and I'm trying to find them. Why? Because I want to figure out my own questions to solve my own little world. Kill Bill is my favorite love story.