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Name: Circee
Birthday: Dec 16 1997
Location: with my twin Kat Neela Nightshade
Gender: Female
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HI My name is Zoe. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. I have been practicing magic since I was eight. I have been looking at this website for a while but I finally found out how to sign up. I like friends!!!! My mom said I am only to do good. I can make the wind do my bidding. you can't here my footsteps. I know archery and fencing. I have a twin named Kat Neela Nightshade.(ecowitchcat) She has the power to move rocks. I am 13. I have a cat named coco and a dog named Paolo send me mail whenever fast luck oil Cinnamon oil? 3 drops Wintergreen oil 20 drops Vanilla oil? 20 drops combine in a carrier oil base such as sweet almond or jojoba. The above were given as the major ingredients in Fast Luck gypsy magick oil 3 drops of Peppermint oil 3 drops of Thyme oil add these to one tablespoon of Borage Seed oil. conjure oil Mix together the following proportions Frankincense? 1/3 Sandalwood 1/3 Lotus??? 1/3 According to wiccans, this oil works like "a genie in a bottle" to manifest anything you need into reality. They also state that "creative visualization is necessary to any spell work when using this formula"