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I have been a practising witch for 20 years now. I live in the U.K. I used to be a solitary practitioner. Magic runs in my family. My mother has practised magic although she prefers divination more now, my grandmother and grandfather were part of a coven in their youth and my great grand mother was a witch.
The type of spells I am interested in are healing, protection and peace spells. I only cast spells when I really need to. I dont just cast for the sake of it.
I am very interested in tarot cards and I have several tarot decks. I mostly read my own card although have read for others in the past. I have also used runes as a form of divination.
I love crystals. I have a large collection of them. Ive been collecting since I was 12. I love finding out the different meanings I always carry a couple around with me at all times.
Im obsessed with dragons. I love them! I have a large collection of statues, candle holders, lamps, pictures, daggers, t shirts, and even a walking stick! I was even born under the year of the dragon in 1988.
Over the past year I have become more interested in reiki healing. I have trained in level one and level two. I have a very strong connection to it. Ive always been told by psychics and tarot card readers that I am a healer so it seemed like the perfect way to learn.
an old latin spell handed down to me by my great grandmother-
elementum recolligo huic locus. Commodo mihi vestri vox. elementum unda ego dico vos. permissum pluit. is est meus nos sic vadum is exsisto.
supposed to conjure the rain but not sure if its a real spell or not. never got the chance to ask my great grandmother about it. the translation sounds a little off so theres a chance its fake! Found out in September 2015 that the first two lines of this spell was used in the TV series American horror story- coven. Episode called protect the coven! This spell was created years before the TV series was thought of! Spooky. Not sure if the writer of that episode seen my profile or heard of this spell in another way. Fascinating either way!
i love latin quotes. some of my favourite quotes are-
-Formatia trans sicere educatorum (enter all ye who seek knowledge)
-Tempus fugit (time flies)
-Carpe diem (seize the day)
-Aurum Est Potestas (gold is power)
-Cedo nulli (i yield to no-one)
-Mors certa, vita incerta (death is certain, life is not)
-Audentes fortuna iuvat (fortune favours the bold)
the gods and goddesses i follow are anubis, thoth, bast and isis. i love ancient egyptian stuff. i even think there is a strong possibility that i had a past life in that period of time.
i also like the greek god poseidon.