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Name: Nickklaus
Birthday: Sep 17 1998
Location: Kenner, Louisiana
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I am looking for special people to join a group I will explain the group's purpose if I feel you should be in it. The qualifications are not hard to meet I will explain those also just message me. I will say one thing if your looking for somewhere to belong and you as some would say ,mentally stable, then I think this group is for you. Note: this group is not for fluffy people this a group for those who suffer from depression, DID, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder etc. I created this group to help people learn to cope with their issues and become stronger because of it. The qualifications are as follows 1. 17- 21 2. List of skills you have that you think will be of benefit to the group 3. If you feel comfortable at the time tell me what illness you are suffering from 4. What do you hope to gain 5. What is your social level/how do you feel about people? 6. What are you hobbies/what are you most passionate about?