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Name: dougie
Location: scotland, tillicoultry
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Hi i'm dougie-b, if i make a mistake sorry but i'm to good at english lol age- can't tell what i belive in - a great many things here is a list: magick( for one ), magickal beings i.e werewolfs, vampiers and the rest of them., i belive that magic should not be taken lighly if you a serious then act it. magick should be there to be learned to help and protect not to harm. the reason i am interested in magick is well because it always there, even if you can't see it. i know a great deal of info in the dark arts i.e the history (i have never tried to use the dark arts)in white magick too. and alot in why and how magick is became what it became. i do these things to be a better mage oh and by the way i hate people who call me and other like me freaks and weirdos just because we dress differently and because we belive in other things and don't follow a god who just lets the world suffer sorry about that but it had to be said. if you send me a msg don't expect a reply instently because i'm not on because i'm away to the whitches hollow at the ochil hills (if any one has heard of this place post somthing we need to talk) that my little bio on myself and my magical history hope to hear from you soon if you need help bye.