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Second Sight is a coven dedicated to working with the spiritual world, the unseen, and divination. We strive to be a safe place, a refuge, for our members. A coven which primarily deals with magic and divination, we accept those from all paths and interests.
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Second Sight seeks to help those along their magical path, to grow, learn, and share knowledge.

A coven which works closely with techniques of divination, spirit work, and psychic ability (development) we are seeking new membership.

A coven of many paths where we each can learn and share.

We work with the natural world and its patterns and messages and commune with spirits of multiple origins and cultures. The main focus is on magic and psychic abilities, but many topics are discussed.

Some topics we cover include:

  • Elemental magic
  • Working with & planning by natural patterns
    • Lunar phases
    • Seasons
  • Divination and other means of communication with spirits
  • Green witchcraft
  • Hedge witchcraft and shamanism
  • Animal magic
  • Spirit work
    • Includes necromancy, animal spirits, demons, Fae, and dragons
  • Crystals
  • Folk magic
  • Practical advice about getting in touch with nature
    • Think hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc.
  • Servitor creation
  • Energy sensing
  • Astrology

We ask that you be respectful of others. Activity in the chat and forums is highly encouraged.

We currently do not require an application to join. If you are interested, simply click "Apply" and you will soon be admitted, though it is preferred if you have a small biography on your profile.



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