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Sea Magick An Intermediate Primer delves into the deeper aspects of sea witchery. Discussing spellwork, ingredients, tools, and other aspects of practice, this work seeks to focus on another side of sea magick seeking to bring the practitioner from out of the shallows of generic information written on the topic, and into the depths of a more profound experience.


Works commonly found on sea magick cover the basics fairly well. The high and low tide and how they relate to what type of spell to cast.

But few delve much farther beyond the basics into the depths of what the practice could be.

This work seeks to do this. To swim into a ravenous sea beyond what is basic or standard sea magic, and to prepare the Novice practitioner for the more advanced practices of sea witchcraft.

I hope this work can do that as well as give the reader ideas as to what they can do with sea magick, what they can use, and how to better understand the practice on a deeper level for themselves.

Many practices within witchcraft can take the form of a more advanced practice.

From working with mirrors to protections, from love workings to meditations.

Many of these will be discussed throughout this work.

Beach items and materials:

Many materials for a sea witch practice can be found right there on the beach. From the warm sand, to the sweetest shell, there is a myriad of items which can be adapted for use.

Beach items and magical uses

Driftwood -endurance, strength, transformation.

Ocean porcelain - protection, hexwork. Naturally pointed, porcelain found from the sea makes for great hexes and protection workings.

Mother of pearl - relaxation, intuition, gentle protection.

Sea glass -scrying, concealment, clarity. Sea glass is wonderful to use to conceal one from the scrying eyes of others. It can conceal from remote viewing attempts, conceal one's spell work, and be used as a focal point for one's own scrying.

Naturally obscured glass, like obsidian, it is fantastic for glamour magick and other concealments.

Sea shells - a variety of purposes depending on the shape, color, and type of shell.

Snail shell - cycles, sacredness.

Mussels - protection, intuition.

Seaweed - Bindings.

Stones, pebbles.

Depending on locale, there may be semi-precious stones that you can find at low tide along the shore. Around here one can frequently find things such as smoky quartz and garnet, etc.

Stones semi-precious, or wonderful standard pebbles can be used in multiple ways such as defensive magick, protection workings, and healing.

One of my most precious seaside finds was a smoky quartz seer stone. Its face, not the smooth flat face of cut and polished seer stones found in metaphysical shops, had a myriad of little points, imperfect and rough. A true and natural seer stone polished on one side by the water, obscuring its clarity, and leaving points of the quartz along its scrying face.

Beach feathers - can have different meanings depending on type of bird and locations.

In some areas sailors considered certain birds lucky and others to be unlucky depending on the folklore of different areas. I have read seagulls to be both lucky or unlucky depending on the author of such articles.

It has been said that beach feathers can represent luck, abundance and further along those lines when combined with hex associated items, sharp items, darker color, baneful items such as mermaid's purse, can represent anti luck or prosperity.

Which brings me to my next beach find,

Mermaid's purse - strong protection, hex work, fertility.

Beach rose - love, attraction, compassion.

Pearl - magic, prosperity, what is hidden, secrecy.

Any beach find, it was said in sailor lore that taking along a bit of the land with you could aid in a safe voyage. Similarly having a piece from a specific beach, lakeside or other location can hold a strong connection to that place. Items in a place may hold energy of that location. In a way then taking a natural item along from close to home can aid in traveler protection. Beach pebbles are great to have on hand when out looking for your sea witch treasures. Pick up a pebble and take it along with you on your walk on the shore.

Sea Oats -  protection, strength, prosperity.

Seagull feather - clarity, resourcefulness.

Sharper ocean glass - can be mixed with broken sea tile for hex work. These items changed by the water signify the power of the sea to cause damage, and can be significant for curse work.

Flat beach stones - stone effigies.

Shells - can be utilized as spirit vessels.

Clam shell - protection, hidden knowledge.

Below are spells and workings related to sea magick. Many of these I have used myself or are workings I would use.

These can be adapted and tweaked to better serve yourself, and I would recommend they be adapted to fit your personal style and practice.

Obscure the truth

A spell to promote lying, help to catch another in a lie.


Many are familiar with truth spells. Well this spell promotes lying, in order to catch one unaware and in a lie. This works well on those known for deceiving.


  • Seaglass piece
  • Beach Stone effigy


Take your stone effigy and place it somewhere it will not be disturbed, and on this over the face place the glass. Try and place this close to the mouth of the effigy.

Envision this individual being caught in their deception. Webs are a great way to visualize this. Over time continue to visualize this, and add energy into the effigy.

This can work for conspiring co-workers or other individuals, especially if they are particularly lying about you the practitioner.

Stone Effigies for Healing

A spell for healing and blessing.


  • Two flat larger sized beach stones
  • A small jar of shells


On the stones draw two depictions of people, one male and one female.

For healing and blessings, gently shake a small jar of shells above the effigy you wish to use. For a female client the stone depicting a female. Imagine this person and envision healing and blessings for this person.

These stone effigies in a healing manner are great to use for relatives and others close to you.

Seaglass concealment glamour.


  • Seaglass piece.
  • Jewelry wire.

Measure some wire around one of your fingers and cut it making certain it fits.

Fashion the wire into a ring. With another piece of wire attach the seaglass piece.

You may charge and cleanse the ring if you'd like.

Wear this as a glamour intending to conceal yourself from unwanted attention from others.

Seaglass is a glass that has been obscured. It is no longer clear. This is great to use to obscure oneself from view.

Sea Witch Cleansing Water


  • Rock salt.
  • Water.
  • Jar with lid.
  • Muscle shell, ground.


Ground your muscle shell, this I feel blesses the water with a gently protective quality.

Add your water into your jar. Add in the salt, which can be strongly protective and cleansing. Add in the muscle shell. Lid your jar.

This is my go to cleansing water when I have the ingredients, even as a practitioner which mostly focuses on hedge work.

Abalone Shell Scrying

Scrying can be done with an abalone shell. Very reflective abalone can be used in this manner. You can add a bit of water to an abalone shell, as if to water scry with a cauldron. Be careful, however, when transporting your water filled shell to the place which you would like to scry. Alternatively this can be done without the water, simply use the shell itself as a focus for your divination.

Beach Rose Attraction oil


  • Jar with screw top.
  • Olive oil.
  • Dried beach rose.
  • Small shell.


Into your jar add in the oil, dried beach rose, and shell to help shake up the contents of the jar.

Lid this, and let it sit between 4 to 7 days before opening again in a cool dark space out of sunlight.

When ready, use this oil as a perfume rubbing on the wrists and neck. Or rub in the skin to add a light scent.

While using this perfumed oil, focus on increasing attraction to yourself.

Before full use of the oil make sure to do a patch test to be certain of your reaction to the oil. Do not shake the jar for the patch test and rub a bit of the oil on a small area of your skin. Cease usage if there is any sign of irritation.

Remove A Recent Glamour
A sea witch tip.


  • Mirror plate, can be found as candle holders at many home decor or furnishing stores.
  • Body of water, river, lake, sea.


If you'd like to remove a recent glamour spell on the self, take a mirror plate, focus on your last glamour with intent of washing it away, and run the mirror into the water you are using. Let the water wash your glamour spell and remove it.

Clam Shell Scapegoat.


  • Two halves of a clamshell.
  • Hair, your own or for whom you wish to protect.
  • Personal representations of the individual to be protected.
  • Thread.


This working can act as a powerful scapegoat protection.

Into one side of your shell place the hair, and personal representations of yourself, or another.

Place both halves of the shell together, as if again as a full clam, and tie these together we'll with the thread. Embroidery or thicker thread works nicely.

Energize this shell, adding personal energy to it, whenever you see fit.

This acts as a scapegoat. Negative energy or spirits targeting you may instead hit this.

If the shell cracks or shatters, with no cause such as dropping or being hit, it may be that this working has done its job.

You may wish to replace it.

Tools, offerings, spirits.
This section delves a little into tools, offerings, and the spirits which can inhabit watery areas.

As most of my spirit work involves passed human spirits, my main focus will be on these.

Water witch offerings

Offerings are not reserved for deity only. There are a few ways I personally offer items as a sea witch.

Folkloric spirits, turbulent waters, as a sailor I often offer prayers when experiencing turbulent waters at sea. Too, prayers or items can be offered to the spirits of folklore that are said to inhabit watery areas.

Passed spirits at the beaches, lakesides, and riversides, I often leave rose petals or other plant offerings to passed human spirits I at times find in places. This for me is simply to show proper respect.

The water itself, to purify, respect and care for water I find that I feel sacred in some way I leave an appropriate offering of rose petals floating on the body of water. Take care not to leave anything that will pollute the water, including poisonous plants.

Along these lines one of the best offerings in my opinion, is simply to clean and pick up the water source. Removing litter can be a very caring way to respect the water and show reverence whether it be river, bog, or sea.

Tools of a seawitch

Wands, drift wood can be utilized as a wand and decorated to how one desires. I use a lidded plastic tube filled with beach finds and shells I am particularly fond of.

Comb, an interesting one, combs are found in sea folklore and can be used alongside glamor magic.

Shells, can be used on the altar, to represent the water element, or for divination seashells are a versatile tool in a sea witches collection. I am fond of shells and protection workings.

Thread, knot work and magic.

Glass buoys, can be used as scrying tools. Seaglass and beach quartz too can work as a divinatory tool for scrying.

Spirits attached to bodies of water.

Here I deal with passed human spirits, and this can be a sensitive topic. I always try to stress the importance of showing proper respect for those who have passed.

With research one can learn of some of the possible spirits associated with certain bodies of water.

Researching a nearby river and news articles I was made aware of a couple drownings and some old folklore regarding an area of the river which led to this spot's name.

One article became relatively specific about an individual's hobbies and I learned offerings to this specific spirit and individual could include amethyst and quartz.

On an altar dedicated to this river, out of respect I keep an amethyst point for this person.

If there are bodies of water you work with and are looking to connect with human spirits, researching the area may be of interest to you.


Many of the items and uses in this work were researched by the writer over some time. Some are uses the writer found, some are personal associations.

The workings and spells above are many the writer has created, many too personally used.

May this work inspire your style of sea magick.

May it bring clarity as to what an intermediate sea witchcraft practice can look like, and what it can involve.

And importantly may it live on as a work that seeks to delve deeper than the basic techniques addressed in many sea magick works already produced.



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