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If you are searching for a serious place to be yourself, to protect yourselves and others, you need look no further. The Council of Earna is at your service.
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Welcome to the Council of Earna!

Hello potential new member! The Council welcomes you to apply if you find yourself interested after reading the following.

The Council of Earna

We are a coven revitalizing itself, so you may find things a bit different here. When possible, we shall change our picture and icon to fit our Council.

Here you shall find a group of practitioners bound together with a single goal, wish, hope, desire. Here you shall find a group of practitioners dedicated to protecting and fighting for themselves and their fellow peoples of the world. We fight for and protect our own ideas and follow our individual moral compasses. We are here on this website perpetuating this idea and practicing and sharing our magick workings with our select group.

Our magickal workings are not purely white magick because of this focus; we are a coven of people who will learn what is necessary to get the job done and done right.

We stand up for ourselves and others, both on this website and off. You shall find yourself sorely placed should you decide to join our coven and mock our members or other members of this website. We do not condone or allow this behavior in our Council and we strive for us to reach out to others.

We do, however, accept people of all experiences within magick and life.

Applying to the Council

Should you find yourself interested in us, please have a photo and biography on your profile, hit "accepting applications", and send the following to our Priest, Rekhet:

  • What is your preferred name and pronoun?
  • What are you experienced in and how long for each?
  • How active can you be should you join our Council?




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