Hereditary Catholic Witchcraft (A short article on a family tradition)

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A short article on a family tradition taught to me by my maternal grandmother.

History (Introduction):

My maternal grandmother learned to read tarot from her mother. My grandmother used the gypsy witch fortune telling playing cards. Her mother used a different deck. I can only speculate as to what it was. I believe it was the Sibilla oracle cards. It is thought that my family read tarot for others, perhaps in exchange for food or money.

Aside from this, my grandmother practiced a Catholic folk tradition.

In this article, I discuss some methods I've learned from this tradition.

The Whammy:

An inverted cross, usually drawn; to bring about the bad luck of others. A hex, or curse. Commonly used among Catholic practitioners. Usually, drawn simply with the index finger; on a hard surface to bring about ill luck for whomever the point is drawn towards.

The Bell:

In tradition these were placed in a cabinet, numerous; to call spirits in. The cabinet was used typically for the binding of negative entities. The cabinet was not to be opened often. Namely, when ringing bells, adding bells, removal, and cleaning.

The Mirror:

Usually a hand mirror traditionally used for scrying. In tradition the hand mirror is looked at while containing the reflection of the person being read. It is used then for scrying. It is cleaned after with a little perfume.

Holy Water:

Traditionally used for cleansing and exorcism. Used for the protection of spaces and people. To drive entities out.

The Figures:

Traditional saint candles were used. Candles that represent St. Joseph or Saint Mary were common. A myriad of saints could be represented. These can be glass candles with saint images. Figurines may indeed be harder to come by.

The Medallion:

Traditionally a medal, or saint medal was used for exorcisms, or heavy removal of attachments. Different medals could be used. Two, more commonly, for this purpose were St. Benedict medals and St. Anthony medals.

The Perfume:

This, used to clean the scrying mirror, is typically a French variety.

The Cross:

Traditionally the cross and crucifix are used for many things. The sign of the cross across the head and chest, shoulder to shoulder is often used while in prayer. The crucifix itself is used for exorcism and protection.

The Palm:

Traditionally a palm was placed over a door, entrance, or near wall crosses and crucifixes, for protection.

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