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  • Aura
    Explanation of the aura and its colors.
  • Casting a Circle (members only)
    This is one of many ways to cast a circle. This is the same as the one in spells.
  • Different Paths
    This list was taken from a public forum post and added to by us. Link:
  • Energy Flushing Exersise
    This exersise will help you to get rid of extra energy. This will prevent a phsycic clog.
  • Herbs and Their Magical Uses
    I have this in pdf on my computer, I do not have the source listed. Be it known, it was not my creation. Herbs can be toxic. Research any herb thoroughly before use.
  • Imbolc Ritual
    Imbolc or Candlemas falls on Feb 2nd and is a celebration of the Goddess as Maiden and of the returning of the light.
  • Lammas Ritual
    Lughnassad is a celebration of the grain harvest that traditionally falls on August 1. This is a ritual for the solitary practitioner.
  • Litha Ritual
    Litha, or the Summer Solstice falls on June 21-23 in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a celebration of the Goddess as Mother.
  • Mabon Ritual
    Autumn Equinox, 2nd Harvest, September 21st wiccan holiday
  • New Moon Ritual (members only)
    The New Moon,is when you put out your desires,setting goals for your future to the universe.( Be clear on your intentions, you just might get them)
  • Samhain Ritual
    Samhain marks the Celtic New Year, the last harvest, a festival to honor the dead on Oct. 31st. This is a ritual for the solitary practitioner.
  • The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual
    The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual comes from Peter Carroll as presented as a banishing and healing technique in his book Liber Kaos.
  • The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
    An explanation of the Golden Dawn's classic banishing ritual used for opening and closing ceremonies and setting up a vacuum for magical practice.
  • Wards
    A short discussion on wards and how to make them.
  • Yule Ritual
    A ritual for the celebration of Yule by a solitary Witch.

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