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  • Blood Magic (members only)
    This is an article that discusses Blood Magic.
  • Calm and Centered Ritual (members only)
    This will help to make your magic even more effective by building emotional and psychic intensity and focusing clearly on your goal.
  • Colors in Magic (members only)
    Colours can influence your moods, feelings and emotions. Learn a little about colour meaning
  • Earth Meditation (members only)
    If your open mind you can take the Earth's energy to calm yourself the following technique is really good
  • Faerie Flowers (members only)
    Different Flowers to Attract Faeries
  • Faeries (members only)
    Incantation to see Faeries
  • Four Powers of the Magus (members only)
    Read and find out
  • Hellenism (members only)
    Original Posting by: NOVUMPACEM
  • Love Spells Lessons (members only)
    examine possible motives for casting love spells.
  • Magic Wands
    A short informational and practical article on magic wands.
  • Magical Properties of Wood for Wands
    A comprehensive list of woods and their uses for wand making.
  • Magickal Help (members only)
    Original post by:_RavinWolf_
  • Make Your Own Oils (members only)
    An Easy Way To Make Your Own Oils
  • Norse Deities (members only)
    Originally posted by Kerberos. (Sources sited at the end).
  • Pentagrams vs Pentacles
    A short article that discusses what the difference is between a Pentacle an a Pentagram.
  • Power Oil (members only)
    Useful in any ritual when designed to increase your own power in any situation
  • Shapes and Symbols (members only)
    Items have magic powers because of their shapes or symbolism.
  • Shapes and Symbols (continues) (members only)
    Part Two
  • Sigyn
    This is a short article about Sigyn. She is the Norse Goddess of Patience and Perseverance.
  • Soul Types (members only)
    Written by: Nallius Posted By: Obelisk.
  • Spiritualism (members only)
    Spiritualism? more correctly, spiritism? is not a form of black magic.
  • Take a Medicine Walk (members only)
    The medicine walk is a simple technique that human beings have sought insight and self-awareness
  • The Seven Directions (members only)
    This article was originally written by Diane Wing pertaining The Seven Directions.
  • To Get Someone out of Your Life (members only)
    This ritual is used to get someone out of your life that you just can't seem to get away from.
  • Various Chants (members only)
    Four chants for various purposes.
  • What is Meditation? (members only)
    A brief history on Meditation

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