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An awesome guardian construct made by Brilenus archived by LilacCura

The Guardian Construct- By Brilenus of PsiOnline

Brilenus has quit, and achieved his articles. I really enjoyed this one and wanted to share it with you all in his memory. I never got to meet Brilenus, but he sounded like a great person. If you would like to view all of his achieved articles, they can be found in this thread:,2042.0.html

I highly recommend you look over them, especially if you are an above intermediate or advanced psion. I personally use this construct on me 24/7, and destroy it, then recreate it every couple weeks, for cleansing, maintenance, and research purposes.

Do not attempt the following "Guardian Construct" article unless you are an fairly skilled in programming, know the basics, and are a generally advanced psion. The following has been copy and pasted. All credits to Brilenus.

I have recently been doing a lot of experiments, and this is the result of them. A construct that is able to repair itself and your constructs, provide energy to itself and you, hold off attacks on its own, turn into shields if needed, hide you from others, amplify your skills, create constructs of its own if told to do so, and collapse into a small orb for easy storage inside a crystal necklace or ring. It is almost immune to being drained, and will only respond to your commands.

Start out with creating a psiball, it it best to create one that is very dense yet small. Then connect it to at least five different power sources. I use a list of thousands of stars and have it pick randomly which to draw from each second. Next you want to make it only respond to your commands. This means simply telling it that only you may control it. Once that is done, tell it that if it is being drained to drain whatever is draining it for more than it is losing.

Once you have that done, program it to flatten out into a mirror shield when it detects an attack headed at you. It then needs programming to try to absorb energy from an attack rather than just let it hit. It should also be programmed to look for anything with a certain energy signature and send power to it - thus increasing strength of your shield and making them recharge faster as they drain.

You may also want to program it to expand into an orb of various shield types when told to do so, as that is quite useful at times, and combined with the amount of energy it pulls in, will make them very strong.

To make it create its own constructs, you need to be rather advanced, as it takes a lot of effort. You need to tell it to split apart and then reset the programming in one segment, then reprogram that segment. I cannot really describe it better than that.

If you want it to amplify your abilities, you need a lot of extra power, as you will be telling it to be the focus of everything you do, then have it add energy to your own as it passes though. For condensing it to a small orb, you simply have to tell it to stop doing anything and make itself as dense as it can.

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