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Tons of Information about Reiki, what it is, history, and links!

Reiki 101

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing art that is used in order to speed up ones natural healing process. It uses energy manipulation skills and life force energy in order to do this. If you have previous experience with energy manipulation, particularly psi, you may find the concept of this energy somewhat hard to understand, for psi must be told to do every single thing, while as reiki flows.

However any skill in energy manipulation will still give you a huge advantage in working with reiki, for you're used to working with energies. So I recommend you learn energy manipulation first. In order to use reiki however, one must be attuned to the reiki energy. This can only be done by a reiki master.

What can Reiki be used for?

Reiki is most commonly used for any of the following.

~To speed up the healing process (scars, broken legs, anything really)
~To calm people down
~To help people in extremely fragile emotional states, or who have an emotional time going on, and need a little help.
~To help and or dissipate pain.
~To purify spaces, such as a room, or a town.
~To help cure cancer.
~It can be used on Food, Medicine, herbs, and spices.
~To help in sick rooms and hospitals.
~Spiritual protection.
~Cleaning Negative Energies
~Aid for removing addictions

Some History:

In the later 1800s and the early 1900s different types of healing fascinated a Japanese man named Mikao Usui. But none of them were exactly working for him. He studied all his life with different ones until one day in 1922 he went to a place called Mt. Kurama in Japan, and fasted, meditated, and prayed for 3 consecutive weeks.

During this week it is said that he met his spirit guide, and many other unworldly beings. When he came out of this period he received the ability to heal by moving a type of healing energy ( form of ki) through his palms. He started a school teaching these methods, and after concluding that his students were ungrateful, he made the reiki principals which are to be recited every mourning, night and before and after a healing session.

For today only anger not, worry not.
Be grateful and humble
Do your work with appreciation.
Be kind to all.
In mourning and at night,
With hands help in prayer, Think this in your mind,
Chant this with your mouth.

The Usui Reiki Method
To change your body and mind for the better.

Before Usui died, he concluded that patients too were ungrateful, and charged a small sum for the treatments. Later on, his top students after his death charged 10,000 for reiki master attunements and lessons.

After Usuis death, some of his students took on the job to spread the word of reiki.


Reiki consists of 3 different degrees, and tons of attunements.

First degree:
In the first degree, you will learn history, and theories, you will also learn different hand positions, and receive 4 attunements to the reiki energy.

Second Degree:
In the second degree you will learn distance healing, as well as receive one attunement, and learn 3 very important reiki symbols.

Third degree or Master training:
In the third degree, you will learn the reiki master symbol, as well as how to attune others to the energy. Depending on the master, you may receive one or more attunements.

Different degree attunements are usually carried out over a 20 day time period. You will receive the 4 first degree attunements, wait 20 days, receive the second attunement, etc. Attunements can be given from a distance thanks to our distance symbol.

There are many different forms and techniques of reiki developed by people around the world such as Violet Flame Reiki, and Kundalini Reiki.

Some Important things to remember as to what reiki is not are:

~Reiki is 100% not a massage, and should not be treated as such.
~The person using reiki will never ask you to undress.
~A reiki master will never ask you to undress for an attunement
~Drugs do not enhance reiki abilities
~One will never need to touch private areas such as genitals, or places on burn victims, etc. One can easily use the distance symbol, or simply put the hand about 5 centimeters above the area.
~The person using reiki cannot and will not give diagnostics, or prescriptions.
~Reiki cannot replace your medications, or visits to the doctor.

To conclude, here are some helpful links where you may find good information on reiki, including online books, free attunements, etc.

Blessed Be on your journey through Reiki,

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Jul 29, 2022
A very good introductory article. Though in my own training I was taught very early on the Tennant ''Thou shalt not charge''. At the very least while performing a healing. If people are being ungrateful (which ca appear in many forms) the simplest solution is to decline the healing, and educate the person instead on how they can heal themselves. ...Though in truth that should be an integral part of any healing to begin with.

Healing by nature is an act of compassion and concern for the well-being of another person. Healing should be performed for the sake of the act alone, if a practitioner wishes it to be at it's most effective. If you are healing in order to get a reward like recognition or money, then your focus has become about the gain. Not the act. And so you defeat your own intent before you have even begun.

I recognize that the idea of gratefulness has multiple meanings, and in the case of Usui I think the complaint of people being ungrateful refers to taking the healing as 'for granted'. My Great-Aunt (Who taught me in grace of her many years of practice) often encountered people who would come to her for a healing. She would work with them for days and weeks over multiple sessions. Cook them powerful meals, help the person follow new diets and activities, and helped the person virtually transform their health in dramatic ways. Then, the person would give their thanks, leave for a few weeks, and go right back to what they were doing before. Old diet, old habits, unhealthy mindset... and show up at her door saying 'fix me all over again. It got to the point where her response became ''I already did.''

The biggest trouble in healing is humanity's nature to avoid the responsibility of their actions, and then place expectation of fixing the consequences onto any source as long as it is not themselves. People don't want to heal, they want to be healed. They don't want to become enlightened they want to be made so. While I understand the idea that if a thing costs something of value to obtain, the idea might be to instill the thought of getting lasting value to avoid a continuation of the expense. But in reality it reinforces that absolution of responsibility. Have a problem? No need to undo the root of it, just buy a cure and keep going.

Or, worse, ''I've paid for a cure. Your actions didn't cure me because it came back. You're a fraud.'' Payment means expectation- I pay you, my problem gets fixed. Because the problem is fixed for me I can keep on smoking (or drinking or eating sugar by the pound or ignore my allergies, etc etc.)

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