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just as it says.

If a person wanted to try a link-break, they would have to evoke the bond again

[to break it] ... They could use a simple sorcerous ceremony to evoke the link. ...

Get a private room, and draw a diagram on a surface you can stand and walk around on.

They'd diagram out a central circle one pace in diameter.

Then they'd draw another circle about one pace in diameter.

Then they'd connect the two circles with a line.

On one side of the line would be written the person's name.

One the other side of the line would be written the other person's name.

Next two effigies would be prepared. A photograph with a name written on it is nice.

People with old fashioned leanings can make them out of clay or wax.

With some caballa one could make them out writings on sheets of paper.

One effigy is for the person linked to. It's put in a bowl or something that cooking wine

can burn safely in, like an aluminum kitchen bowl. The second effigy is of the donor.

That can be put into an ordinary kitchen bowl as well.

Next a series of things in a backwards-seeming order is performed.

First, holding the effigy of the other person, the characteristics of the other person

are invoked into it. It's then stuck into its bowl and sealed in its circle; let's call it circle B.

Then the donor's effigy has the donor's characteristics invoked into it and it is sealed into circle A.

The link connecting the two persons is then *evoked* from inside the donor,

with them calling it forth and projecting it into the line connecting the two circles.

Then with some convenient wand or kitchen spoon or something, tap the line

connecting the two circles, invoking the line to represent the bond between the two.

Then after walking three times around the whole contraption, counterclockwise and

make drawing gestures with the wand, kitchen spoon, laser pointer, etc. the force

linking the two is commanded to decouple and withdraw from the line into the

separate sealed circles. Then the line is broken physically with the wand, laser

pointer, whatever and the link is commanded to break and not reform.

Remaining are two potentized effigies in separate sealed circles.

It's finished up by taking salt water (Epsom salts are nice) and banishing any

connection that the donor effigy has with the donor by pouring the salt water over

it without breaking the circle A, while commanding any connection be dissipated harmlessly.

Then cooking wine is poured into the other bowl in circle B and a match is tossed in

and the command is given for any link that the effigy has with the other person to be

cleanly and harmlessly consumed by the flame . Then the mess is cleaned up in a normal way.

If you should happen to do this, you do it at your own risk, and are fully responsibility for

whatever happens. It's a good idea to experiment with cooking spirits beforehand in a

controlled manner to determine what kind and amount and lighting technique is most

advisable in individual circumstances.

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