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This ritual lets you ask a tree a question.

If you live near a pine forest all to the good, but as all woods have their own particular magic, any wood will do. Avoid following this ritual when the wind is blowing, for you will probably find that there are too many leaves vying for your attention!

As you make your way to the woods, form a question in your mind to which you want an answer. Find a fallen twig or stick and gently carve the initial letters of each word of the question on it. Hold this towards the sun and say the question aloud.

Now close your eyes and relax, listening to the breeze rustling the leaves. Let the sound form a picture in your mind. Do not try to make things happen or imagine things you do not hear. After a minute or two, you should feel that the leaves have said all they are going to say.

Bury the twig so that it returns to Mother Earth and as you walk away, an answer to your question should come to mind.

By Michael Johnstone

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Feb 19, 2020
I am absolutely going to try this!!! My yard is covered with trees - old old trees 🥰 then I have an enchanted woods area that separates properties. We suspect there is a portal in there. And somethings have made these small but intricate huts. I don’t feel that it’s an animal because of the details and the structure. But me and my oldest daughter definitely feel a lot of energy from it. My familiar goes in and disappears. I’ve followed him and he turned and poof. Gone. He came back a while later. This is one reason we think there’s a portal. The other is we have a high traffic of spirits. Just coming and going. Idk if it’s because my daughter is aware that she can see them now and that has caused my regular flow of spirit traffic to increase or what. But I’m going to get to the bottom of it. Thank you

Jul 05, 2021
Try using astral projection to see into the other side and have a look at what's going on. Though this can take some time to do, and is hard.

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