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Name: WillaSixx
Location: On a hill next to an forest overlooking a river. I am not even kidding
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Intuitive Advisor & Energy Reader-Currently working with pre-teen, teens.
This has been one of the most rewarding things I have done. These girls are so amazing. I know what tough and crucial age this is. Unhealthy coping mechanisms can advance at this age and take them down a dangerous path. I lay out their life and obstacles & outcomes for them. Then we discuss what has and still is hurting them how taking action and overcoming these issues will clear their path towards progression & a successful life. I present what could or may happen if they don?t take action
Hi Im WillaSixx. I?m 47 years old, mom of 3 Empaths, and married siince 2004. Im retired dancer and back up singer 2002-2019. I?ve passed the torch on to my oldest daughter. I do miss traveling all over the country. I firmly believe in living in the now. Don?t wait. Travel, see everything, meet new people, embrace new cultures. Don?t assume u have time. I respect all faiths, races and paths. I believe in lifting people up instead of tearing them down. I?ve been blessed with many gifts for these i am grateful. I?m an eclectic solitary witch. Solitary because my mum raised us practicing very young but not in a healthy way. She never mentioned the word witch until I asked her a few years ago. But I left her practices when I was 16. I always did rituals but never considered myself practicing until my early 40?s. I?ve been solitary so I could learn my own way. I have a lot of friends who practice &!for the small town I live in there has always been a large number of witches here. I am ready to drop the solitary from my ?label?. To grow in my craft and path I find it is necessary. * If I need the moon, I will bring it down myself.