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By Laurel (morallaurel on SoM.com)


My name is Laurel, and I am here to tell you about the real-world subject of divination. Divination is the practise of seeking knowledge of the future by supernatural means.

Books I recommend about divination

Some books on divination (any level) I recommend are:

Divination for Beginners by Scott Cunningham, The Ultimate Guide to Divination: The Beginner?s Guide to Using Cards, Crystals, Runes, Palmistry, and More for Insight and Predicting the Future by Dean Liz, and more.

Items some use in divination

Some people use these items in divination:

Crystal ball

A crystal ball is mostly a key item in divination; used by fortune tellers and clairvoyants for crystal-gazing.


Pendulums are bodies suspended from a fixed point so it can swing back and forth under the influence of gravity; also often a key item in divination.

Tarot deck

The tarot (tar-OH) deck is a pack of playing cards used to gain insight into the past, present or future; another frequent key item in divination.

I ching book and coins

The i ching book and coins are an ancient Chinese text and coins; some use it in divination.

Essential oils

The essential oils are the essence of plants such as clary sage; peppermint; mandarin; ylang-ylang, ect; an often key item in divination.

Stream-of-consciousness writing

Stream-of-consciousness writing is a type of writing that is a sort of key item in divination.


The crystal is a type of mineral that can decorate your altar (if Wiccan), room, table, or home; sometimes a key item in divination.


Numerology or arithmancy is the branch of which deals with the occult significance of numbers; some use this item as a key item in divination.

Animal messages

Animal messages are means of which you use an animal to deliver a message; an often key item in divination.

Using signs and signals

The use of signs and symbols is a prognosticating the future which you practise on-the-go; sometimes key in divination.

Opening a book on a random

Opening a book on a random page is oftentimes a key item in divination; it is called ?Bibliomancy?.

Divination types

Abacomancy, numerology (arithmancy), acultomancy, andromancy, bibliomancy (see above) et cetera.


The origin of the word ?Divination? is from Latin ?Divinare? meaning ?to foresee?, ?to foretell?, ?to predict?, ?to prophesy?.


That concludes my studies of the art of divination.

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