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About the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Cretan and Greek goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, passion, pleasure, and procreation. Her name means "from the foam." One of her popular origin stories states that she was born from the foam of Uranus' genitals, hence the meaning of her name. Another one of her origin stories states that she was the child of Zeus and Dione.

She is married to Hephaustus, but overall she is unfaithful to him. This includes a relation with Ares.

Her major symbols are doves, roses, peaches, myrtles, swans, and sparrows. If you see a lot of doves, sparrows, or roses, or even occasionally smell the scent of roses or peaches this may mean that Aphrodite wants to reach out to you and work with you.

Many witches work with Aphrodite for many different reasons. Practioners of glamour or love magic often ask aphrodite for assistance during rituals or spells. In order to worship Aphrodite you should construct an alter for her. This alter should have a cream, peach, or pink cloth, rose incense, rose quartz, rose oil or rose quartz oil, and rose petals. on your alter you should give her your offerings as often as possible some offerings may include; roses, dove/swan/sparrow feathers, rosehips, wine, grapes, or sweet foods.

You should make a point to work with Aphrodite if you intend to practice glamour or love magic, as she can be extremely helpful. She can also work with you to build your self love, and general attraction

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Apr 29, 2022
I watched a video on Aphrodite that carried good information about Aphrodite, her origins, epitaphs, and her roles as they played out in history. Overly Sarcastic is a good youtube channel. Though... I will never get out of my head just how they summed up her seafood birth. The video about Aphrodite is worth watching even if only for that little surprise punchline. ...Which I'm not going to ruin. Good chunk of information Sludgedoll, a helpful chunk of knowledge to be sure.

Apr 29, 2022
Seafood should be seafoam. There are days I really hate autocorrect... *grumbles*

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