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El Shadaai is a conglomerate of the the deities El and Yahweh (and possibly Asherah). This is a prayer to El Shadaai to strengthen your commitment to the 10 commandments and the Holy Spirit.

El Shadaai, the almighty, all powerful, all sufficient Lord promises that when we dwell in Him we will abide in His Shadow. To be in Him requires the desire to have a constant, hour-by-hour relationship with the Lord, to live a life with intention in obedience to His commandments, trusting and dependent on Him. In so doing, we can rest with abandon in the Shadow of El Shadaai.

Holy Spirit awaken in me the desire to want more of Christ in my life and to depend completely in you. Lord, I want my life to be an example of your power and sufficiency-resting in you-in the Shadow of El Shadaai. In your name and for your glory we pray. Amen.

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