Hanielís Moon Ceremony.

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This ceremony allows one or more individuals to evoke the Archangel Haniel to release grudges that are negatively affecting their lives.

You may need:

1. Black or white candles

2. Incense (preferably one that relaxes the mood)

3. Moonstone necklaces

4. An outdoor setting

Create a circle in an outdoor setting during a full moon. Line the edges of the circle with the candles to ward off negative energy and purify the attendants? energy. Light the incense, which should be from an herb that relaxes or brightens the mood. Everyone should put on the moonstone necklaces to absorb as much moon energy as possible during the ceremony. Finally, all of the attendants should link hands and say ?Archangel Haniel, we ask that you may help us release our grudges so that we may receive the grace and joy that comes with a good life gifted to us by the Godhead? or a similar phrase. You can tell her what grudges you have but this isn?t necessary, she already knows and you should feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders. End the ceremony and leave the moonstone necklaces by a window while sleeping so that you can absorb more moon energy to carry with you throughout the next day.

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