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Information on covens here on SoM and in the real world.

Real World Covens:

Covens: General Info

A coven is generally a group of 3 or more people that come together to practice magic, ritual work, etc. Covens can be religiously based, such as in the case of Wicca, or it can be a group of eclectic practitioners that come together to perform magical workings, celebrate Sabbats, and so on. 

Covens have a hierarchy of members. This can differ depending on the coven, tradition, etc. Generally, however, the coven has a Priest and Priestess (this can be both or one or the other, depending on the coven). The Priestess/Priest can often times have an apprentice or understudy that works in their place if they are unable to attend coven meetings or rituals. In some cases there may also be a council of elder coven members that help with decisions, rituals, teaching, etc. 

Some covens also have a degree system or promotion based on experience/study and this is used to help show the degree of education and dedication that an individual has put forth, in regards to magical practice and general experience. This system can vary depending on path or tradition and the names for this can vary as well. 

In eclectic covens, I have seen this work as follows: (Keep in mind this is not for every coven, this is for some that I have been in and worked with. The actual names of each can change and vary from coven to coven and tradition to tradition.) 

  • Initiate: New members to the coven.
  • Dedicant: 1 year  of training within the coven, but they do not wish to pursue any further advancement. These individuals wish to continue to attend rituals, meeting, etc but do not wish to commit to any further study under an elder within the coven. 
  • Neophyte: 1 year of training within the coven, 1st initiation. 
  • Theorici: 2 Years of training and a continued, growing knowledge of magic and the occult. 2nd initiation. 
  • Practici: 3 years of study, 3rd initiation. Act as teachers within the coven; allowed to start own coven now if they so choose. 
  • Elder/Magi: Members of the coven that have gone beyond the degree/position of Practici. They have continuous training within the coven; work toward delving deeper into the sacred, spiritual arts of magic and the occult. They are seen as teachers, guides, and guardians of the coven's sacred knowledge. 
  • High Priest/High Priestess: Coven Leaders. In charge of leading rituals, member education and initiation, etc. 

Side Note: Two individuals working together are considered a working duo. 

Covens also have codes of conduct and expectations for their members to meet/follow. This again is dependent on the coven, tradition, etc. 

Joining/Forming Covens:

To join an existing coven, you will need to speak with the coven leaders/elders and follow any process or requirements that they have before being allowed to join or participate within the coven. 

To form a coven, you will need a group of 3 or more people to gather together for ritual work, magical practices, etc. You also need to decide on how promotions will work within your coven, leadership, codes of conduct, religious practices/theology (if applicable), etc. 

If leading a coven seems too overwhelming, a magical study group might be more appropriate. This still allows you to do group work, but removes the concerns for leadership. Magical study groups allow for group education, practice, idea sharing, etc and still offer a support system for its members; while not having the pressures or requirements that might be found within the coven setting. 

Covens here on SoM:

Covens: General Info

Covens/groups here on SoM are meant to function the same as they are in the real world. They offer members a group in which to study and practice magic, group support, teaching/learning opportunities, etc. The covens can be religiously based, have a set theme, or be an eclectic group of individuals that want to learn and grow together. 

Coven Hierarchy:

  • Member: All new members to a coven are placed at this rank. They can reply to and create new threads within coven forums.
  • Council: Council members are promoted by the coven leaders. They can stick/unstick threads, lock/unlock threads, delete threads, and add or edit spells and articles. 
  • Priest/Priestess: These are the coven/group leaders here on SoM. They are in charge of editing and updating the coven page, approving member applications, removing members from the coven, etc. They also have the ability to add and edit coven spells/articles, delete threads within the coven, lock/unlock threads, and stick/unstick threads within the coven forums.

Joining Covens:

To join a coven here on SoM, you need to click on the apply button on the coven page and follow the requirements for acceptance (if any) that are listed on the coven page. Sometimes this can be as simple as hitting the apply button and sending a message to one or both of the coven leaders. 

Covens like Spell Casters, however, are set to auto-accept. This allows any member that applies to automatically be added to the coven. This coven also sets all members as council and allows them the ability to add spells and articles to the site. 

Forming Covens/Groups on SoM: This function is no longer available, as the site admin felt that there were already enough groups to cater to member needs and interest. 

Coven Leadership on SoM:

There are two ways by which to take over leadership of a coven.

  1. Being promoted from council to a leadership position by one of the current leaders.
  2. Applying for leadership of an inactive coven and being promoted via the application process.

Many of you, I'm sure, have noticed that some of the covens listed on the groups tab are inactive. Now, you might think to yourself that you want to take over leadership of one of these. With that in mind, there are a few things you need to consider. Many see the possibility to take over a coven and do not take into account the responsibility that comes with it. Leading a coven/group is more than just a title.

Leading a coven takes a lot of time and effort. You need to be willing to dedicate a good amount of time to both your coven and its members, if it is to be successful. You also need to have enough experience to be able to lead and offer guidance to your members. As a leader, many of your members will look to you as a person of resource and expect you to be able to help them with any issues, concerns, etc that arise. You also need to be able to engage and communicate with your members in such a way that promotes activity and encourages them to not only stay active but stay in the coven as well.

All that said, you also need to be a member of the site for approximately 3 months in order to apply, or to be promoted by a current coven leader. Being on the site for 3 months is not enough to get you a leadership position though if you are going about it via the application process. You need to have made an effort toward contributing a fair amount of knowledgeable information to the site through threads, articles, etc. You also need to have shown yourself to be mature and responsible.

At the bottom of the covens page, there should be an area that lists the inactive covens. Next to each there will be an option that allows you to apply for leadership to one of them. You only get one application, however. Once you apply to lead one coven, you cannot apply to lead another. If you apply to lead a coven on the inactive list, make sure it is one that you truly want to dedicate time to; you will not get the chance to submit another application if you change your mind later.

Once you have clicked on the apply button, for leadership, message the site admin with information on why you wish to take over the coven, your qualifications, etc. Make sure you have a proper subject for your mail message and write in complete, concise sentences. 

All applications are looked over by the site Admin and the best candidate for the job is picked and promoted. This can take time, however, so remember to be patient after submitting your application. 

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