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A Guide to reading the Major Lines on your Palm. Please note that I'm a busy person and thus, edits to this article will be made over time. I will add more at least every 2-3 days.

The Head Line:

1. If curved, the person will be creative and an out-of-the-box thinker. Whereas, if it's reasonably straight, the person will be logical and practical.

2. If incredibly faint, the person's mental ability isn't being used completely.

3. Shallow lines depict a quick-thinker who often skims over the details whereas deeper lines show that the person often likes to think about and know every or many details before making decisions.However, this doesn't mean that when forced to make a quick decision, people with deep lines will take hours to decide. It just means that the person would, in normal situations, prefer to know more. 

4, Islands (small ovals on the line) depict changes in energy. They are often negative, however, they can fade with time and the significance of the island can be found in the size of said island. And they aren't always negative. They simply show a change in energy. An island may show that you're changing your focus to something else, like a relationship, before finally melding both together. 

5. The angle between the head line and destiny line symbolises intelligence




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