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A short summary of Shamanic Extraction. This is not an extensive writing.

A shamanic extraction often involves the removal of spirit attachments to an individual, that may be causing illness. It is a process not to be taken lightly. First one attempts to locate the attachment. It is seen, usually in the auric body. It can appear different to each individual. I see them often as black shapes, sometimes humanoid. Once located the attachment is then removed. This can be very painful in my experience as the practitioner. I normally will visualize grabbing and yanking out the intrusion. Sometimes I will have to grab and yank an intrusion out multiple times. Once removed, the attachment tends to be stored and transmuted. This can be done differently depending on the practitioner or healer. Many will place the intrusion in water to absorb it. I use a stone I've chosen for extraction. I like to use the same stone for extractions, unless the stone is lost. Then another is carefully chosen. I hold the stone in one hand and place the other hand somewhere above it. I will move my hand at indication of placing the attachment within the stone. I will then transmute the intrusion, by visualizing clean energy.

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Jul 29, 2022
One cause for the pain being experienced could be attributes to the ... somewhat violent nature of your method. Think of it like pulling a weed. Especially one with long or complicated roots. If you just grab and yank you might just end up with a fistful of thorns or sharp leaves. And a hard yank tears out roots and earth alike, leaving a hole in the soil and perhaps a still significant portion of the root. Disturbing the garden, and allowing the weed to grow back.

Instead take a little time, water the soil a couple times and let it soak in, take hold at the ground level, wiggle and lift, and focus on coaxing out the core root. You exchange effort for time, but it pays off in removing significantly more of the vital root, and with less tear and damage to the surrounding soil. Making the resulting vacant space easier to fill in and till.

In energy working, principles can be similar. Instead of grabbing and pulling one can follow the energy, surround and separate it from the energy of the person you are helping, then let it fall away to be grounded as you fill the space with energy focused on healing and restoration. The key to this is having a tonal shift to your mindset. Approach the situation with an angle of patience, peace, and observation. Authority can be calm. Strength can be peaceful.

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