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This is about the real werewolves.

Werewolves is really exist in the world.  They are the meat eaters known as the carnivores. They can howl when the full moon appears. I would love to become a werewolf. it could make me better and enhance me with the fur and the abilities of the werewolves.

Added to on Jan 17, 2021
Last edited on Dec 01, 2021
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Feb 06, 2021
Someone edit this article, it teaches nothing, states the obvious, and spreads false information. Werewolves are astral beings, like spirits, not physical beings one can physically shapeshift into. Otherkins and Therians are the physical equivalent to werewolves, though they do not appear physically different. Their spirit is not human. They were meant to be reborn as an animal or astral being, yet for whatever reason, were born human. When they project, they will appear as the creature they were meant to be reborn as. Werewolf symbolism is used by those who feel like they must hide their true selves such as members of the LGBT community, so using werewolves in your practice calls upon their transformative nature as well as animalistic tendency's and ability to blend in with normal society. You might also consider working with animal spirits and animal totems, but research them before you do, and many native cultures would classify using animal totems as appropriation of their culture. Werewolves can be called on for protection, strength, growth, change, and connecting with ones true self.

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