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Blackboard method of divination
To see your true self
There are various means of divination however there is one that when used correctly will show you where you are on your path and in a lot more detail than other methods.
I use it that way anyway.
It works by a picture says a thousand words, so it can provide the information you seek in a simple but complex form. It also exercises your third eye.
Equipment needed
Blackboard (easel type, children's blackboard) the older the better, you don’t want something too small.
White chalk
Cloth sponge
Little bucket
(needs to be conditioned leave out in the elements, this puts ‘life’ into the chalk also the chunkier the chalk the better)
Place your blackboard outside where it receives some sun and a little bit of rain or the mist from water.
It should be in a position that faces a spot where you can sit and meditate on it. It should be about 3 metres from your sitting position.
Now I don’t use incantations but you may find once you understand how it works to involve these, experimentation can lead to amazing discoveries.
Fill your bucket a quarter full of water (rainwater is best)
With a piece of weathered chalk in hand kneel before the board and close your eyes, I find emptying my mind completely gives better results for seeing yourself. Now apply the chalk go by feel twist it apply different pressures rub it on its side, its tip be random but go by instinct. Lines dots dashes zigzags pressures whatever your instinct tells you.
Once you have the feeling that you are done with eyes closed reach for your cloth and wet it until just not dripping wet, now wipe the board using the same random instinct as when you applied the chalk (different pressures twists dabs), you are smearing the applied chalk not trying to remove it fully. When done open your eyes and you will have what appears to be a smeared mess.
Now sit in a chair and watch the board dry, a picture will start to form, you may not see it to start with it may take hours or days but a picture will present itself. When it does you can photograph it and years later you will see the same picture.
There is always a picture don’t give up on it.
It is a bit like looking at a rain cloud and seeing it as something (like animals)
Because this cloud is not moving and changing a stronger picture develops.
It exercises your third eye and in some sense is the overlap between mental imagery and physical imagery.
I have not used it for reading other people, nothing to say that it cant be.
Also you can decorate your boards edges carve sigils if you like.
I have had spirits interact with this with some interesting results.
Also with the cloth only half rinse it leave it a little ingrained with the chalk, it helps it to work better with each used.
When you have seen the image and photographed it you can remove it all with another clean cloth don’t use the scrying cloth.
The pictures once seen are strong, you may at the start see a small fragment of a picture but it will eventually become bigger. And remember don’t give up on a picture.

Not your standard ritual, but it should work for everyone.

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