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Basic information for the magickal properties of sand.

Sand is one of the most diverse and interchangeable tools anyone could use. Depending on its source, the options are endless. When looking online for the magickal properties of sand, its difficult to find one specific source of information. Some of these are my own personal ways of working with sand, and some I found online from various sources that will be linked below.

Types of Sand

  • Beach Sand - Use for calming or anxiety spells to wash away and smooth your fear/negativity. For spells of change or in Magick for motivation or strength.
  • Desert Sand - Use for cursing to dry out your target of wealth/luck/happiness, etc. or to add to a resilience spell for the capability to grow through hard times or situations.
  • Magnetic Sand - use for workings involving luck. Can be found in any number of colors from gold to black.
  • River Sand - Use for spells that are focused on moving on; physically or mentally or for change and or healing magick. Can also serve as a water element offering.
  • Volcanic Sand - Use for destructive spells or curses, in magick to reveal deeper and hidden meanings/feelings. For banishing workings. Can also serve as a fire element offering.
  • Heavy Mineral/Crystal Sand - (sands with significant presence of quartz, garnet, olivine, hematite, etc.)

Use in Magick for personal growth, focus or motivation. If you have a sand heavily composed of a specific crystal, it can be used in place of that crystal in your workings.

  • Black Sand - Use for protection, banishing or negativity based spells.
  • Biogenic Sand -

(Sand composed majorly of bio organisms like shells, skeletons, bones, coral, etc.)

Use in Magick dealing with healing and protection. There's also a debate going on that this could be substituted for graveyard dirt but Ill keep that open to opinions and preferences.

Please remember that wherever you go, you should always be mindful of your surroundings. Not all places allow you to take from the beaches or from nature at all to preserve it and keep it clean.


Uses and Ideas

  • Beach sand already has most things in it that are needed for protection and purification; shells, salt, tiny crystals and the essence from the sea itself (or river, etc.) so using this sand specifically is a diverse and interchangeable tool that can be used in a lot of different ways.
  • For spells involving luck, add basil, cloves or rosemary (or any herb involving luck) and sprinkle around your home.
  • For spells involving love (self-love, romantic, etc.) add roses, Passion flowers, cinnamon or anything else involving love to a blend of sand and use as needed/desired.
  • Place sand in a large shell on your altar as a nestle for a candle or incense.
  • Use as a representation for ALL elements of a singular one.
  • Use in relaxation and peace charms, and for sleep aided magick.
  • Since beach sand is imbued with the salt water from the sea, use this in workings related to change.
  • Use in relation to time Magick for longevity, and resilience or long-lasting bonds.
  • Sand is ALWAYS a great gift or offering back to its source or to a deity.

The variables of sand are always interchangeable and are a fit-for-all tool. On the beach, the sand is where all the elements of nature meet harmoniously and thus offer a balance of the elements right there in your hand. It can be used for so many different purposes, that really its entirely up to you how you use it.

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