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Basic info for storm/moon water.


  • Add to give spells more power.
  • Can be used in revenge spells and warwater.
  • Curses, making decisions, release unexpressed anger. Rapid change, increase in power and moving forward. 

Never consume unfiltered rain water! 

Calm Storm: 

Best used for work on easing emotional issues, encouraging peaceful sleep & working that require calm energy. 


All around power booster, fairly neutral energy. Use for extra punch, and protection work. 


Best used in "darker" magic. Revenge, manipulation, control/confusion, etc. 

Moon Water: 

We've all heard about collecting water and letting it sit out under the light of the full moon. But why? 

Well, scientifically and magically speaking, the moons energy has a major effect on us humans as well as the earth. If it can push and pull the tides of the vast ocean, imagine what it does to our bodies which are 70% water. Here are some basic examples of what moon water is used for:

  • Charging crystals and other tools
  • Cleansing yourself (add to bath water) 
  • Drink some for added energy
  • Use for essential oils & cleansing sprays 
  • Place on altar to amplify intentions and goals 
  • Water plants
  • Use in coffee and tea
  • Use in your beauty items (soaps, toners, etc.)
  • Anointing yourself and your tools 

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Mar 24, 2020
I've been using moon water for quite a while, so thank you for the storm water ideas.

Apr 08, 2021
question can you use it for cleansing cuz I have been using moon water for 8 months.-.

Apr 10, 2021
Storm water is charged with the energy of the storm. If this was collected in a hurricane or other violent storm, I would use it to give that chaotic energy to the items. If it was a gentle spring shower, you could use it to cleanse, as the water collected was a calm, fresh rain to revive the natural world.

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