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Information on magic involving the moon, and how to work lunar spells.

The moon has long been revered in both ancient religions and ancient cultures alike. The moon is a symbol of divine, feminine energies, the Goddess, and the controller of the ocean tides.

You can meditate under the light of a full moon to connect with the energies of the Goddess and the divine. The moon can also be used to charge crystals and water for ritual work and spells. Certain phases of the moon are also believed to correspond to certain works of magic as well, and some even time their spells and rituals around the lunar phases for this reason.

  • Full Moon : All-purpose time. All works of magic can be performed at this time.

  • New Moon : New beginnings, fresh starts.

  • Waxing Moon: Drawing energies to you, spells involving matters of expansion or growth.

  • Waning Moon : Sending things away, banishing.

You do not have to work your magic around the specific lunar phases, but should you wish to, I have added a brief guide above for you to follow. I personally love working magic on the full moon, because I have found that the energies during this time are very refreshing and revitalizing, and they are a wonderful addition to spell and ritual work.

Moon Water

Making moon water is very easy. It can be used in spells, rituals, potions, and all manner of things in between. To make moon water, place spring water or purified water in a bowl. Cover the bowl with cheesecloth and leave it in the moonlight overnight. Alternatively, you can place the water in a clear glass or plastic bottle and place it in the moonlight. To amplify the energy, you can add a quartz crystal to the water as well.

The water can then be added to healing spells, potions, or used to anoint the body when connecting to the energies of the moon and the Goddess.

Charging Crystals with Lunar Energy

Charging crystals with lunar energy is simple and rather easy. Cleanse your crystals by washing them in salt water. Dry them and then pass them through incense smoke. Then, on the night of the full moon, place the crystals so that they can catch the light of the moon. Leave them overnight and retrieve them in the morning.

Full Moon Love Spell

The full moon is also a wonderful time to work magic associated with love. For this spell you will need the following:

  • Small glass jar with a lid.

  • Pink parchment

  • Red Pen

  • Red Wine (apple juice will work, if you cant get the wine.)

  • 1 tsp. Rose petals

  • 1 tsp. Anise

  • Red ribbon

On the night of a full moon, go outside (weather permitting) and find a spot where you will not be disturbed. Focus on the qualities that you wish to attract in a future spouse. Visualize this as clearly as possible, but try not to focus on a specific person. Jot these qualities down on the sheet of paper.

Add the paper to the jar. Then slowly add in the herbs. As you do this continue to visualize your ideal spouse or lover. Say:

Lunar Lady of the skies,

Answer my desires.

A lover I require.

Send me a man (or woman)

With the qualities I seek.

Aid me in my work.

Hear my plea,

I beg of thee.

As I will it, so shall it be.

Finally, add in 3 drops of the apple blossom oil and fill the bottle up with the juice or wine. Place the cap on it and then wrap it in the red ribbon. Bury the jar at the base of a tree, where it will not be disturbed, and bow to the moon three times as you walk away.

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