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The theories behind dreams and one's lucidity, astral projection, and the seven accessible planes

Altering Consciousness

There's a heavy debate surrounding the importance of dreams in psychology. According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are projections of our subconscious and can be subject to interpretation. Dream journals have long been used as a method of remembering and interpreting this nighttime imagery.

On the contrary, it has been argued that dreams are the result of random neural activity and it has no particular meaning to an individual. The theories on dreams, however, aren't just black and white. The Socio-Cognitive theory of dreams, in a basic gist, says that dreams reflect our emotional states. This could explain the role trauma plays in the subconscious for those who suffer from PTSD.

Other individuals may even claim that dreams are a gateway to the astral plane or spirit world, but no one really knows for certain, especially when concerning prophetic dreams.

Lucid Dreaming is the ability to control and change one's dream. This is not something everyone is naturally born with, and many can struggle to attain. If you ever wish to lucid dream, the first step to success is starting a dream journal. This helps us recall various feelings and details during dreams that we normally couldn't remember otherwise. In relation to lucid dreaming, this can help us recognize fantasy from reality while sleeping.

To properly start a dream journal, keep a paper and pencil by your beside. Each morning after you wake up, write down as much as you can recall. This includes main events, key words, places or people. You may wish to keep dates or consider moon phases in each entry, but this is purely optional.

Astral projection is characterized as an out-of-body experience in which we separate the astral form or "spirit" from the physical body.

Astral projection is not easily achievable for most people. You must train your body to relax and your mind to shift awareness. A growing buzzing or tingling sensation is usually an indicator of this shift in consciousness, but be careful not to panic or disrupt it, because then your progress will essentially be reset. If you have trouble reaching this sensation, try aligning yourself with a quartz crystal the next time you attempt projection. This should allow you to fall into a trance more easily.

When practicing astral projection, it is best done during the morning hours on a comfortable surface while the mind is relaxed and drowsy.

To properly project, you need to learn how to enter a hypnotic state. Loosen your muscles and practice deep breathing until you find yourself reaching a steady rhythm. Be mindful of your body. Notice each part of your body individually and release it of tension: the toes, the ankles, the shins and so forth. Once you've managed to slip into a deep relaxation, try visualizing your astral body moving out of your physical one. Keep this image in mind, and try to trick your brain into feeling this movement too. Succumb to any vibration you may feel, and use your mind to move your soul from your body. If you've managed to do this, you should be able to see your body from the outside.

Do not get frustrated if you cannot do this, especially not the first time. This will only set you further apart from your goals of submitting to a state of complete relaxation.

From what I've heard, returning to your physical form is much easier because there is an invisible link that connects the spirit and the body together. Leaving the body is hardest part of the entire experience.

Regarding the astral realm, there are different beliefs regarding what one can accomplish. This includes viewing the past or the future and more easily communicating with deceased loved ones. In addition to this there are various planes that can be accessed based on one's emitted vibrational frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the plane. These planes can similarly represent chakras or the colors of the rainbow.

The Physical plane is where we currently reside and actively influence on a daily basis. It is said to be the densest of the seven planes.

Attributes: Purpose, Service, Law of Dharma

The Astral plane is a place of creation that consists of concrete emotional energy. This is where our consciousness is focused.

Attributes: Artisan, Beauty, Creativity, Law of Attraction

The Casual plane is similarly a place of creation, however it consists of contete intellectual energy. This is believed to be the plane where Michael resides.

Attributes: Warrior, Choice, Will/Intention, Law of Manifestation

The Akashic plane is a neutral plane that connects all others. It consists of distilled universal knowledge in which we can access the Akashic records.

Attributes: Scholar, Energy, Transcendence, Law of Cause/Effect

The Mental plane is a place of creation that consists of abstract intellectual energy. This is believed to be the plane Lao-Tzu taught from.

Attributes: Truth, Wisdom, Sage, Law of Thought

The Messianic plane is a place of creation that consists of abstract emotional energy. This is believed to be the plane Jesus taught from.

Attributes: Love, Openess Law of Love

The Buddhaic plane is the highest plane of creation that consists of pure or abstract kinetic energy. We experience this plane before refocusing our awareness. This is believed to be the plane Buddha taught from.

Attributes: Oneness, Compassion, Law of One

You do not need to have a certain set of beliefs to practice altering your consciousness, but do not give up when it seems like no progress is being made. There will always be alternative methods and adjustments you can make to your practice along the way. What may work best for someone else may not always work best for you.

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