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This October the 13th will see a full moon. This is the first full Moon of Fall, called the Hunter Moon and is a great time to try our a magic spell.

It is that time of year again. October, the month of ghosts ghouls and most of all witches . And the full moon in October holds mystic powers when it comes to magic and spell casting.

Full Moons in general have been used as a time for magic for hundreds of years, if not longer. One of the most common and powerful ways to charge any magical item, amulet or talisman is to leave it outside at night and be charged by starlight and moonlight. So casting a spell in the light of a full Moon will have the benefit of the charging powers of the Moon.

Although any spell may be cast during a full Moon, this is a time of heightened energy, heightened emotions and the peak of psychic powers. Typically the best spells to cast during a full Moon are:

Choose a spell which you feel can best help you and give it a try. There is no better time than a full Moon to cast your first spell and test out your powers.

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Oct 11, 2019
So excited! Blessed be all!!

Oct 12, 2019
Tonight is the night Doing a bloodbond and forming a strong alience with a pack of wolf's... Can't wait for 11 tonight then we will do it... Just so excited about this

Oct 13, 2019
Too many clouds to see the moon. Things were getting dry though, so i am glad.

Oct 13, 2019
She is beautiful, illuminated and perfect💕

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