Herbs and Curios in Onmyoudou

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About the use and affects of Herbs and Curios in Onmyoudou.

Herbs & Curios

Herbs and Curios are both used as mediums to attune and conjure spirit and energies. In Onmyoudou herbs are only believed to be ale to contact, bring in, and mediate the powers that be and Kami. Meaning that herbs and other plants are only mediums used to conjure energies and kami into this world to cause a change affect. When using herbs in magick it is known rarely that herbs have no spiritual power besides being able to mediate their spiritual aspects. Some people believe that herbs have spiritual powers, therefore herbs are only gate ways into tapping into, and attuning to the realm of spirit, kami, and energy. It is the same way with curios. Curios arw able to meditate the forces of kami (energy) through their ability grounded by their appearance, shape, size, color, and contents as well as their formations. Herbs and Curios do not have any power though only the ability to be used as a medium for spirit and energy in magick and ritual.


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