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A Fox employer is a practioner of magick who works with, uses, or commands Fox spirits in order to work or practice sorcery through spells and rituals. This article will give detailed information about Fox employing the magical practice.

Disclaimer: This practice doesn't give you fox powers from anime, nor does it give you their imaginary appearance. Fox magick is the use of fox spirits in magical practice as a guide or source of magical energies, as well as the basis of the practices spirit possession techniques.

Fox Employing:

In my belief, some people are drawn to are able to work with certain energies in the occult practice. People are not chosen as in harry potter or what not. To be a fox employer is a choice in the magickal path. Being a fox employer means you work with fox-like entities and you are comfortable working with and enabling them to guide you in practice. The closest thing to fox employing being relevant into days life is through sorcery and magickal practice. Sorcery is overall a good way to describe this practice because its definition relates to, " using spirits or demons in the aid of magical practice." Therefore I will be addressing this as sorcery because the energy that causes the manifestation directly comes from the fox spirit.

How do you become a Fox employer?

You do not become a fox employer like in a medial reference. You become a Fox employer through magickal practice. How Fox magick works is by using petitions to direct your energy to manipulate the entity or its forces to act on the petitions behalf.

Do you give an offering to the Foxes?

Yes, like any other spiritual practice you must give an offering to the spirits to replenish their energies. The most common offering I give Fox spirits is the Qi inside my body that a put into a figure for them. I wouldn't directly let them take energies from me. If a Fox spirits cause you to harm you may rebuke or bind a fox from their offerings.

Do Foxes hurt you?

Yes, they can like any other spirit. Fox spirits are vampiric entities but not completely. They are able to take nourishment from food (especially rice and water) as well as qi from vital organs such as the heart liver or kidney. The most commonly feed off the breath or life energy from the lungs. Fox spirits do not feed upon employers with working relationships with them. If the relationship between you and the fox falls apart then the may cause mischief through misfortune in a household, finance, etc.

How do you bind a Fox to you?

You should not and do not bind a Fox spirit to you. therefore the may cause benign thoughts and illness if angered. To care for a Fox spirit on must establish rules and a vessel, alter, or space in the home for the fox to live in.


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Jun 30, 2019
I would also like to aid that working with Fox spirits bends to the in-between with morality in practice.

Oct 03, 2019
I clicked on this thinking it would be some troll post about the Fox company, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is adorable, and I loved reading about the path. I might try doing further research and attempting to work with fox spirits more in my own path. Thank you for this article.

May 30, 2020
I clicked on this thinking it would probably be fluff but it has 5 stars and I have nothing better to do so why not but this is actually fascinating, blessed be

Jun 11, 2023
Hello, I'd like to work with a fox spirit. Is there any way I can do that?

Jun 13, 2023
Research fox spirits. They can be guiding spirits in many cultures. Once you understand how to work with them, you can try contacting one by leaving an offing, introducing yourself, explaining why you wish to work with them, then meditating and being observant of your surroundings. While I've never worked with a fox [I wish] I've worked with a couple of animal spirits. They can help protect your home, guide you in meditations, help you in your spells/craft, and basically be a companion for you. Feeding them is part of working with them, but it's like feeding a deity. You would leave them offerings and they take the spiritual essence of the offering.

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