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Magical associations of the seasons.

Seasons and Cycles

The cycles of the seasons, much like the cycles of the moon, can be used in works of magic. Each season has associations with certain aspects of magic and spellwork. Now, as with the cycles of the moon, you do not have to wait for those specific cycles to cast spells, but if you would like to work magic based around the cycles of the seasons, here is some information and ideas to help you with that!


Spring is a time when the Earth shakes off the mantle of winter and prepares herself for a time of fertility and birth. Trees begin to bud and flowers begin to bloom. Birds return and the grass begins to turn green and lush.

It is a perfect time for spells for new beginnings, fertility, and new romances. It is also a good time to clear out negative energies from the previous year. Perform smudging and cleansing rituals to help clear away old energies and vibrations so that you can make way for new, positive ones.

The Spring Equinox (usually around March 20 or 21st) also represents these things and is a time for new beginnings and fertility.

If you want to add a little extra potency to your spells and rituals during this time, you can collect fresh spring, rain water. The water can be charged and used to anoint yourself and your ritual items for spells and works of magic for: fertility, new beginnings, rejuvenation, and healing.


Summer is a time when life is thriving and the Earths energies are at their peak. Summer is a good all purpose time for works of magic. It is also a good time to work spells for passion and revitalization, since these energies are associated with this time of year and the Summer Solstice. 


Autumn is a time when the Earths energies are beginning to slow down. It is a time of year for change, remembrance, letting go, and trying to achieve balance within ourselves and nature.

The Autumn Equinox also occurs during this time (around September 22nd or 23rd) and is a time when we embrace these things mentioned above. It is common to build bonfires this time of year both for purification and warmth, and also for celebrating the waning energies of the sun, before nature gives way to the embrace of Winter.

Samhain falls during this time of year as well (October 31st or November 1st, depending on your location), and is a time when we leave out offerings for our beloved dead. Plates of apples are set out to feed ancestral and wandering spirits. Candles or fires are lit to help guide the spirits of loved ones back home, and it is a perfect time to do rituals of remembrance for our lost pets, loved ones, etc.


Winter always seems to be a time of year when energies feel sluggish or stale. The weather is chilly and undesirable and so to seems to be our dispositions and overall mood during this time of year. It is the dark half of the year, when life seems to wane and nature is buried beneath her blanket of snow and ice, awaiting the warmth of spring to return.

It is a good time to perform rituals of banishing and cleansing to leave behind those stale energies and to prepare ourselves for the coming of spring and the vibrant energies it will bring.

The Winter Solstice also occurs during this time (around December 21st) and is a perfect time to perform these works of magic.

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