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In this course, we focus on the properties of the active/ main ingredients in potions. It is crucial to know about this especially once one starts to create potions themselves, but also to make sure you brew any sort of potion correctly and with as little risk as possible.

An active ingredient is the most biologically active ingredient in a potion. Certain potions contain more than one active ingredient, but beginners should not attempt to create such potions, as making them can be pretty tricky and most of the times the instructions themselves are not clear enough.

A.Properties of active ingredients

1. Codependence

In potion-making, the main ingredient (active ingredient or active constituent or vehicle) requires almost all the time the support of at least one adjuvant (inactive ingredient or excipient) in order to fulfil its purpose at the maximum effectiveness.

2. Non-transfiguration

The active ingredient in a potion cannot be altered in any way. In case a person wants to create more or less quantity of a potion, the main ingredient and the base are supposed to be increased/ decreased directly proportional. This is the property the main ingredient and the base have in common.

3. The main ingredient itself contains an active substance

Many herbalists and potion makers believe the active ingredient is the whole main constituent. For practical reasons, we do the same. But the truth is, the main ingredient has only one active substance. For example, there is a healing potion called Fuga Daemonum (used for depressions) whose active ingredient is St. John's Wort. The active substance in St. John's Wort is actually called hypericin, and that is the mood booster for the person using the potion. (I have posted the potion under the name "Demon Chaser Healing Potion" in case you wish to brew it or just get a better look at the recipe.)

B. Quantity and Control of an Active Ingredient

The basic rule when brewing a potion, as explained in other lessons as well, is that its quantity has to be significantly less than the quantity of the base. Here we add also that the main ingredient has to be soluble in the base and their quantities have to be checked extremely carefully.

The chants themselves have a very important part in controlling the effect of the active ingredient. A potion maker is supposed to use the power of will and the power of the words to give direction and purpose to the active ingredient in the potion, hence the importance of communicating very well in the process of brewing. This is the reason why your mental state has to be on fleek and to feel powerful and command the potions.

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