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Opproborjuice Hex is a potion supposed to bring scandal and wrath in a family that lives under the same roof, for the next 3 days. In theory, the scandal is supposed to start and stop in the next 3 days, but it is possible for consequences to follow up. Warning! The caster should be magically properly protected throughout the making and the deliverance of the potion, as in case the family to be attacked is magically shielded, the hex potion could turn around and harm the caster.

Items needed:

- one package of butter

- black cat's poop

- black dog's poop

- soil from where a dog fight happened

- black pepper 4 tablespoons

- 2-3 chilli peppers (cut in tiny pieces)

- water 2 litre

- 2 big white feathers tied together at the tip with a red string

1. Place the cauldron on the stove and add the water. Start the fire.

2. As the water is getting warmer, add the fatty base and mix until solid butter has completely melted.

3. Add the rest of the ingredients (not the feathers!) and let the potion boil for 5 minutes.

4. Once the potion starts boiling, mix for 5 minutes while chanting the whole time: "I call upon all evil and loss, *spit in the cauldron* to touch the ones I was planning this for, *spit* so that for the next 3 day, *spit* nothing good may they conceive *spit* and lose everything they own,*spit* throw their tempers at each other, *spit* scandal be between the mother *spit* and the children and the father *spit*, spirits may not give them peace, *spit*, Demons do what I have preached! *spit*"

5. Take the potion with you and go to the front door of those people. Use the feathers to spread the potion on their doorframe. After, draw a pentagram with the potion and the feathers on the door. And say "Daemonium, excito! Daemonium, suscito! Daemonium, resipisco! Daemonium, impetus!"

The potion and the delivery of the hex must be done on the same night, during The Witching Hour.

Do not leave the Feathers with the red string behind, they serve as a light form of protection.

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