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Steps on making your own petition paper.

What is a petition spell?
Essentially, it is a written statement of intent, calling upon whatever external or internal powers you feel closest to, to bring to you your desire.

How do we write an effective petition spell?

In his book, The Casting of Spells, author Christopher Penczak states that the petition spell has six parts:

Announcement - here you state your name, either your magical one, or your given name. Both are effective. You are announcing yourself to the Powers.

Evocation - here you evoke the powers that you are petitioning to bring forth your desire.

Intent - this is the meat of the petition, the declaration of the desire you want to bring about. It should be as clear and precise as possible.

Conditions - these are the stipulations around the manifestation of your desire.

Gratitude - thanking the powers evoked for your desire.

Declaration - Sealing the spell. An example would be, amen or so mote it be.

A petition spell can be to anyone and anything, from a generic petition to the Universe to a particular Spirit.

After the final recitation, you dispose of the petition. This is usually done through the elements. You can burn it, or flush it, or cast it to the winds. If your intention is to remove something from your life for example, you could bury it, and, as the paper rots in the ground, so will your intention manifest.

Sometimes, the petition is not disposed of, but left on an altar until it manifests.

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