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Magical and medicinal uses of Chicory.

Disclaimer: As always, check with a medical professional before using any homeopathic remedy or herbal supplement(s)! In serious cases of illness or injury, herbal remedies should never be used in place of modern medical practice.

Common Name: Chicory

Botanical Name: Cichorium intybus

Planetary Influence/Association: Sun

Elemental Influence: Air

Gender Associations: Male/Masculine

Magical Influences: Success, divination, strength, removal of curses and obstacles, luck , frugality,.

Brief History: Chicory is native to Northern Africa, Western Asia, and parts of Europe. The cultivation of this herb is believed to have started in Egypt. It was later grown my monks in Medieval Europe. During this time, the Dutch also often added it to their coffee. The French used it as a substitute for coffee, and added it to coffee for flavoring.It was brought to North America in the 1700s.

Uses: It has been used for upset stomachs, appetite loss, constipation, disorders of the liver and gallbladder, cancer, and rapid heartbeat. It is also thought to kill parasites in the intestines and cleanse the blood, and can be used as a mild laxative.

The leaves can be blanched and used in salads. It can also be made into a tea and used in coffee

Side Effects : Touching the plant without gloves may cause skin irritation. It should not be taken if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It can cause miscarriage. If you are allergic to plants in the Asteraceae/Compositae family (such as ragweed) avoid using or handling Chicory.Chicory can also cause issues in patients with gallstones.

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