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by W.Healer

You may of seen my post of this in the "All Forums". But I was only very brief in the matter.


If you have ever taken a few brief moments in your life and breathe deeply while gently stretching then you my dear friend like many others have preformed an actual practice of natural yoga.

Yoga is more than 6,000 years old and it originated from Indian philosophies.

in its pure form, yoga can alter the consciousness: The original goals of this art were to librate the body from earthly desires. As well as cleansing and quieting of the mind. A discipline unifying mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is a primary source of all mind-body fitness programs that we see now a days.

Today, hatha yoga is the most commonly practiced.

This form of yoga consist of blend of body postures gently stretching, breathing, exercises and meditation and relaxation techniques.

These balance and modulate opposing energy forces in the body-leading towards improved health, well being and inner piece.

The Eight Paths

Yoga Gradually transforms the body, mind and soul and invigorates you with a sense of strength from the balance of ourselves. Supposedly whoever practices yoga consistently and correctly acquires greater health and wisdom. Classical yoga Follows eight guidelines summarized into eight pathways.

  • Yama- Correct and Moral Code.
  • Niyama- Self Discipline
  • Asana- Posture
  • Pranayama-breathing
  • Pratahara-Moving inward toward the self
  • Dharana- Concentration
  • Dhyana-Meditation
  • Samadhi-Oneness.

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