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Once you've read all you can about a deity, and compiled your own notes and attributes, you will need to apply the knowledge you've gained in two ways: as an aid to writing invocations, and as a mental aid while assuming a godform (more on this in a moment). Having gathered some specific data about a particular God or Goddess, you will find that writing an invocation to him or her is easier than you thought. Some books even take care of this step for you. Make certain that your invocationit original, copied, or rewritten, contains as many of the specifics about a deity as possible. The more notes you take, the more information you"ll have to choose from. the invocation must do three things

1. identify the deity:

2. state the reason he or she is needed: and

3. invite him or her in.

You identify the deity through attribute listing, just like you'll find the ancients did. Then you explain how you seek help in one of the areas that fall under the deity's expertise or domain. Finally, you ask the deity to be with you to provide this help. Here's a short example of how following these three steps would result in an effective invocation of Hecate:

Queen of the dark sky, be with me this night.

Cunning mistress of dark magicks, be with me this night.

I seek your strength in banishing all power that

(insert bad influence name) has over me.

Grant me time to bask in your caress.

Be with me this night.

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