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This article is not a spell or ritual but a piece of advice to young people out there like me.

If you are young like me, let's say under 15 years old and are on this site wanting to practice witchcraft, here are some tips for you!

Spells you should or should not do:

If you are young, like I said, you should not be doing harmful spells or trying to master all five elements like in The Avatar in a day! Start off slow, it is better to learn instead of do at first; learn to make a spell, learn about auras, learn about rituals etc. If you really wanted to do a spell, you could set up an altar or think about starting a Book of Shadows to help you keep track of the spells you have cast. 

You could start off by practicing healing or weather spells like I did. If you don't know what any of these things are then you shouldn't be doing spells yet. You have to learn all these things to do it correctly.

Should you be doing witchcraft:

There is not a correct answer for this; you have to decide. You can not be too young to do witchcraft, as long as you have enough power and maturity to understand enough then you should be able to practice whatever you like! But if you are trying to do things from TV like transforming into a dragon or breathing fire, or if you try to harm people in your spells or rituals then you may as well stop doing this for your own safety.

The Basics:

Of course there are a lot of articles talking about the basics but I am going to explain it more basically and not in a Wikipedia style. First thing's first, you have to get your altar set up. An altar is the place where you practice your spells, do rituals, and keep your prized possessions during your witchy journey.

Here is a list of items for your altar:

  •  Altar Cloth: A cloth to cover your altar or to put under it all. Doesn't have to be fancy.
  • Crystals (Optional): Crystals help empower your spells It's fine if you don't have it
  • Book of Shadows: This can just be a simple note book. This is your journal of your witchy journey, you write down spells, rituals, and your personal experiences in witchcraft.
  • Wand: Yep that's right! But it is for empowering your spells. Tip: Ask the tree.
  • Chalice (Optional): Used to hold blessed water or wine during rituals.
  • Candles: Be Careful Using Flames(in both candles and incense) If you are young don't do this! Each candle is meant for a type of spell or goddess Athame (although this can change depending on whether you follow the Wiccan path or a different one.)
  • Pentagram: Used to represent the 5 elements, fire, earth, water, air, and spirit. A wiccan symbol. Mail me if you found this article helpful :) Stay safe out there kids! :p

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Oct 21, 2021
This needs an edit. There is some misinformation here, but you can tell the author really cares about their craft and hopes to encourage younger members. I agree with their sentiment, study the basics before attempting advanced Magik. A few smaller points, the things you see on TV are not possible. You do not need an altar. An altar is a working space for your craft. This could be a spot outdoors you put up and take down as needed. It could be placed in a shoebox under your bed. It could be a few rocks on a windowsill. Pentagram is a five point star representing the five elements, but it is not specifically Wiccan. It is a symbol of protection that even Christians used at one point in time. Finally, their question ''should you be doing witchcraft?'' I agree, this is an answer only you can decide. I would like to add many people do practice some form of witchcraft without realizing it. Old wives tales, superstitions, even making a wish on your birthday, there are cultural traditions which are rooted in witchcraft. Do you consider yourself a witch, what does your craft look like, and what are your morals and ethics should also be addressed when you are new.

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