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When you look for stones or crystals, the first thing you question is what's the use, then the size, color etc. Keep the stone or crystal close. I either make mine into bracelets or necklaces.
Their are a lot of crystals but some well known ones are :
- Aquamarine
- Garnet
- Amethyst
- Sapphire
It comes in almost any shade of purple. It's mainly used to heal ailments of the nervous system, especially of nightmares and insomnia. It is calming and soothing feeling when meditating with the crystal.
Amethyst is a symbol of strength and self-control and is said to bring many kinds of wealth and a clear head. It can also be a good protection stone, as it's often used to repel negative energy.
Amethyst supports the mind, it reduces anxiety that are followed up by headaches and migraines. Hold it when you're stressed, angry or tough situation is just too overwhelming.
Source : Crystal Healing: Charge Up Your Mind, Body And Soul - Beginner's Journey by Ian Townsend

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