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This article briefly explains the difference between the Draconic Path and the Draconian Path.

The Draconic Path has recently gained a following. More and more people seem to be interested in this path. However, there is often a confusion between the terms Draconic and Draconian , so I will briefly explain what each one means. Keep in mind that these are basic overviews, if either one interests you, I encourage you to do more research into them.


This term is used for those who follow the Draconic Path. It is, simply put, working with Dragons and Draconic Energies. Those who practice this path commonly believe in Dragon Guardians and Guides. These Dragons can aid in magical workings, as well as teach and advise us, not only regarding magic, but within normal aspects of our everyday lives.

Please do not confuse this with Draconic Wicca. Which is basically Wicca with Dragons mixed in. The Draconic Path can be practiced in conjunction with any religion, or by itself, that is up to the individual person.

Within the Draconic Path, a common belief is that everyone has a Dragon Guardian that is assigned to them. I disagree with this slightly. My perspective is that everyone has the potential to have a Dragon Guardian. Once you start working with your Dragon Guardian, it is likely it will stay with you the rest of your life (unless of course, you disrespect them and drive them away).

Some people refer to their Dragon Guardians as Mon-Tey. I am not a fan of this term, as it was coined by DJ Conway. I mention Conway because she seems to be the most prevalent published source on Dragons, but from reading her books and from talking with others who have read her books on Dragons, she tends to include a lot of misinformation or she focuses on Draconic Wicca. Which is a bit unfair because working with Dragons is not exclusive to Wicca. Mon-Tey seemingly has no prior meaning and is just something Conway made up for her books. If you want to use the term Mon-Tey you can, I personally just say Dragon Guardian.

On that note, Conway is an okay author to start out with for general information, but the best teachers are the Dragons themselves. Now, back to dragons.

Dragons are revered as higher beings. Some people treat them as Gods. Whatever the case may be, they are powerful beings that deserve respect. Disrespecting a dragon is the quickest way to drive them off and may ensure that they never work with you.

The Draconic Path is not for beginners, it is generally a good idea that you have a solid grasp on the basics of magic before considering this path, or any other magic-related path you may be looking into.


The Draconian Path is a Left-Handed Path. It is a path of creation through destruction, self-empowerment and is centered around the idea of transforming yourself into a Godform.

Also, commonly called as the Path of the Nightshade, Draconians work with Deities and Spirits such as Lucifer, Lilith, Tiamat, Belial, and many others. Initiates of the Draconian Path believe they are a living manifestation of Dragons and are messengers of Primordial Beings. There are Dragon Gods and Spirits which Draconian Initiates consider as allies. They continue to work with these beings until they become one with them.

It is not a path for the feint of heart. It requires a lot of sacrifice, dedication, and a strong will to reach the ultimate transformation.

*Side Note:* I consider myself a part of the Draconic Path, so Im more knowledgeable in that area. I hope I was able to explain the difference well enough though.

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Other information was gained by talking with others who practice the Draconic Path, who usually gain their information directly from the Dragons they work with, and my UPG.

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