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How one views the World Axis. By Corvum1.

This is how've I've come to view the world axis. This understanding has been extremely beneficial in understanding and finding past lives, looking into the future for divining purposes, and attempting communication with deities and spirits from both higher and lower realms. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and I hope this perspective can help someone with their own understanding of the world axis.

There is a world axis that connects us and earth with the heavens and time along with what most would term to be hell and chaos.. A vertical and horizontal line.

Let me explain.

The horizontal time represents time. The vertical line represents us, earth, nirvana, heaven, hell, and chaos. Together, this creates a cross, or an axis if you will.

There are two parts of who we are right in this present moment. There is our bodies. We as these bodies have thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We are physical and chemical. The second part of us is who we really are. The life within us. I believe it to be a cluster of energy. This cluster of energy is who we are behind our eyes and within our hearts. Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be moved.

When we die, our soul leaves our physical and chemical body. However, bits of our soul lives on as who we are in that person. it leaves behind a trace in the world. Everything we do in our life, we are leaving traces of ourselves be it physical, mental, or through energy (because essentially, that's what everything in the world, including us, is made of). We leave little particles of our energy everywhere, but in places where you leave more of you, that's how you live on. For example, if a house wife lived in here house for 80 years, all of her life almost, and she played her piano every single day, it would be reasonable to expect a piece of her to remain in both of those things. If you remove the piano, she lives on in both her house and piano, but not to the same degree. An active haunting, so to speak, may turn to a fairly inactive one. Because she had more connection with the house than piano itself, if the house is torn down, what she left behind while she was living can no longer allow her to continue living on "in the afterlife".

The part that is truly who we are inside continues on for eternity, or at least an unrecordable and uncalcuable time. Your soul becomes attached to a certain point in the world axis, and during that time you live a life. When that life ends, that point in the cross will never end, it will continue on forever but in it's own way. Your soul will continue along the horizontal line, sometimes rising or lowering or elevation according to deeds done in past lives, and every now and again, some more often than others, become attached to another point in the cross where you will live another life.

I use a solid and linear fashion bcause it helps me visualize it better. I'm not a math-oriented person, and I'm definitely more creative than a linear thinker, but this makes logical and mathematical sense to be, and for some people that I've brought this up to in conversation, it makes sense as well.

I do admit it may be a little peculiar even in the sense that everyone view the world in their own way, but I don't think I've ever met someone with these, or even similar, thoughts. These thoughts outlined above, however vague and unimportant they may seem in word form, are part of the very power I've tapped into. Through this understanding, I'm able to connect to anyone, anytime, and through any life. I think that sounds a little generalized, so I'll break it down. Because I have an understanding of time and elevation through this world axis, I am able to consciously reach towards this plane on a subconscious level and submerge or transport my consciousness and what I perceive, interpret, learn, and witness to different points on this world axis. This has taken so many years to be able to do with actual, worthwhile, amounts of success. Come to think of it, I've never recognized how important this understanding is to me as a practitioner, because it is literally one of the bricks in the foundation of my practice.

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