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In this "Article" style tutorial, I will tell you some basic information need to know before creating your first article. Articles are not meant to "copy & paste" information.

Many council members, whether you are from Teen Witches to some other coven on this site, I have seen people posting Articles purely copy & pasted, which I am not without fault, because at one time, I did that too, yes it's considered alright to do it if you have the source link applied to the document before submiting it to the public view, but in reality all that is doing is copy & pasting someone else's work, whether you post a link to it or not, if the Article doesn't contain any valuable information from the poster him/herself then it should only be placed in the forums, I have seen so many copy & pasted content on the Articles it's not funny anymore. So here is a quick tutorial on how to integrate information on Articles;

Title - The title should be the main point of this article, such as I labeled this article, "Article Creations", meaning this article will be about creating an article.

Summary - It's important to leave a summary on what the article is about, as requested in the lettering underneither the Summary box, you should have at least 2 sentences, not one sentence with 6 commas but two senetence with two periods indecating where you sentence leaves off, like mine;

"In this "Article" style tutorial, I will tell you some basic information need to know before creating your first article. Articles are not meant to "copy & paste" information."

Now finally into one of the most important parts of making a "article", the biography or on this site the "Ritual", in most sites copy & pasting content is pure laziness, anyone can go onto a site and copy an article made by someone else and add it to the site, but in the end, all you are doing is copying someone else's work, it's okay to place information from other's information, but do not just make a restatement of what they already stated, in the end you should always source the information you have taken from their site. Please note, you should always read their terms, some site prohibit reditribution of content, meaning you may not use their content on any other sites, whether you use their link to source or not. 

For example, if I sourced "blah-blah.blah" but that site has a ban for using their content on other sites, you still can get into trouble on here, it's better to bring your own content to the article rather than wasting your time copy & pasting content that isn't yours in the first place. 

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