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Information on crystal healing.

Please keep in mind that in the event of serious injury or illness, you should seek professional medical attention. Alternative/magical forms of healing should not be used in place of professional medical help or treatment.

Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing:

Crystal healing is a form of holistic healing that employs the use of gemstones and crystals the heal the body, the mind, the emotions, and the spirit. It is based around the idea that the body has energy centers (chakras). If there is a blockage or interference with these centers or the flow of energy to and from them the individual can become ill.

In the ancient world, healers would not just treat the illness, they would treat the entire body. They would do this by feeling for energy fluctuations or changes in the aura of the individual and then using the crystals to heal and repair any fluctuations, blockages, etc.

Healing with Crystals:

To heal with crystals, they are placed over the chakras. If the stone feels uncomfortable or out of place, it may need to be repositioned. Start at the base chakra and work your way up when placing the stones. If the stones are properly cleansed and charged, the patient should notice a change in themselves and the energy within their bodies. The healing may also be able to feel this. They can also help direct the energy. When removing the stones, remove the crown stone first and then work your way down toward the base chakra stone.

It is also a good idea to place a quartz stone between the patients feet during the healing session to help better ground and direct the energy.

Chakra Layout for Reiki Healing:

1. Place a red stone at the base of the spine or one stone at the top of either leg for the base chakra.

2. Place an orange stone on the lower abdomen for the Sacral Chakra.

3. Place a yellow stone between the navel and the ribcage for the Solar Plexus chakra. If this chakra feels like there is a strong tension in the energy here, a clear quartz can also be used to help remove the tension and promote proper energy flow.

4. Place a green stone in the center of the chest for the heart chakra. You can also use a rose quartz to promote emotional clearing.

5. Place a light blue stone at the base of the throat for the throat chakra.

6. Place a dark blue or indigo stone slightly above and in the center of the brow (or the center of the forehead) for the brow chakra, also known as the third eye. An amethyst stone can also be used here.

7. Place a violet stone on the top of the head, or slightly below the hairline for the crown chakra. If you used an amethyst stone for the brow chakra, use a clear quartz stone for this chakra point.


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