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A bit of a pep talk about the "impossible".

Many people say that some things are impossible to do via magic, like flying, growing new body parts, or even just changing the colour of your eyes.

However, is the point of magic not to do the impossible?

I'm not saying that all spells work. They need to be well-composed, and well thought out. Otherwise, the spell will fail. Using items in spells makes them better.

If, however, you find a good spell, and you're full of energy and belief, any spell can work for you. (Well, any spell idea. If the spell is badly written, it might not work.)

So, don't give up on 'impossible' spells yet. Really, it's hard to tell where magic ends and impossible begins. Most people think no magic is possible, but it is. Why would it be any different for this?

No witch is a god/dess. They can't call down lightning with a thought. They can't snap their fingers and turn somebody into a toad. That is what I think is 'impossible' or 'fluffy'. The thought of instant 'microwave magic'. Just dump this and this into a pot of this and stir it up while saying this, and bam, you're a fairy. Drop a mushroom on the ground while hoping really hard and lightning will strike the mushroom.

That is not how magic works.

Magic takes time. More intense spells take more time. And it's a good idea to try some simple luck or money spells before moving on to bigger works.

But don't give up on your dreams because people say it's physically impossible. If a deity is capable of doing it, you are capable of appealing to them. The universe works in mysterious ways.

(And if you really can't do it, the astral plane is always there! It can not only allow you to test your fantasies, but create a 'blueprint' for making them real. Look up 'shifting'.)

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Apr 30, 2020
''The point of magic not to do the impossible?'' Incorrect. Magic is a neutral energy that brings natural change. The change of seasons, the change of a puppy to a dog, the circle of life and the force. Spells tap into this energy, give it a charge, and direct it on a path. It is still a part of nature, and will only work within the confines of nature. This is how magic has always and will always work on the physical plane. As the author said, do not give up on your dream, but be prepared to alter your view with new information. You cannot grow wings on the physical, but you can on the astral. You cannot become a fairy, but you can work with fairys. Stand firm for your beliefs, but if evidence says different, be will to change your perspective. It does not make you wrong or stupid, you learned and grew as a person and as a witch.

May 01, 2020
Although I agree with what you said, you really should not say that it cant happen in the physical, all things are possible but just that no one has seen it does not mean it is impossible. However to attain what we class as impossible would require a level of mind and power beyond what I can currently fathom. Only when you empty your cup and refill it with your truth will you understand.

May 01, 2020
No. It is not physically possible to contradict natural law. Nobody has seen it because it is impossible to do. No matter how much you believe, you cannot step off your roof and walk along as if gravity will not pull you to the Earth. Our reality, our plane of existence, our physical realm, has its own unique limitations. Other planes of existence have their own rules and limitations. When you are in the ethereal realm, you can walk through walls, fly around, and with enough practice move objects in the physical. A strange limitations many have reported and I too have experience is the ability to read. Letters get jumbled, so if you try to read your siblings journal, you cannot decipher the words. It appears to be a limitation of the ethereal. Also, your comment of emptying my cup and refilling it to understand is rather arrogant and dismissive. You are essentially saying I am wrong because I think I know the truth, ignoring decades of study and experience. This statement implies that you are wiser because your cup is not full and therefore you are open minded, and yet you refuse to accept my explanation of why there are limitations. Arrogance and ignorance. My cup is not full, but when I have studied, tested, and consistently received the same result, I can conclude this is the answer and I do not need to continue testing it. I can move on to learn new things, have new experiences, and discover new points of view. If you had examples or new ways to test your hypothesis that what I am saying is incorrect and the impossible is physically possible, I would look into it, but you do not. You want me to prove a negative which cannot be done. There is zero evidence in impossible things because there is a large stack of evidence disproving it. Acting philosophically superior is not the same as actually being philosophically enlightened.

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