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Name: Repertor
Location: Perth Australia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 04 Jun 2020
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I have been and am still on a long journey.
Its been interesting at times.
I have experience with making magic tools.
I have experience with scrying with a chalkboard.
I have experience with spirits and living with them.
I have experience with energy.
I have experience with animals from snails to cockatoos.
I have some experience with dimensions.
A little knowledge on alchemy.
A little knowledge on healing.
Tai Chi
and stone carving.
Backed off from magic as it got out of control.
I no longer consciously cast however I am willing to pass on my experience on how etc my method though.
I sort of burnt out and am now rebuilding myself so am being careful.
If you would like instruction on something or my thoughts on it then please mail me.
P.S. the profile picture is not a picture of me I cant find mine on my computer LOL